Fertility Factors: Can Integrative Medicine Help You?

Fertility Factors: Can Integrative Medicine Help You?

The first step in a successful approach to fertility treatments is to understand that fertility is about more than just your reproductive system!

Fertility and fertility issues can be one of the hardest topics to discuss - and people are so desperate to find solutions that they often overlook what else might be contributing to the issues causing the underlying problem.

While physical issues with the reproductive system do happen, the body is a complex and interconnected system - so there is a good chance another part of that system may be the cause as well.

HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre offers a comprehensive testing regimen, including laboratory tests, to see what else may be going on in your body. They also have the experience and expertise to treat these connected issues with a variety of non-invasive treatment options.

The best part? These treatments can be done in conjunction with IVF procedures and other pharmaceutical treatment plans.

“Our evidence-based acupuncture treatments, nutrition, supplements, and botanical treatments can support the treatments patients receive from a fertility clinic. They do not interfere with IVF procedures, but rather can help improve their chance of success!”- Dr. Som Thammasouk, ND, HealthSource Integrative Medicine Centre
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HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre can also work with you to help mitigate the stress and emotional burden that comes with struggling to conceive.

It’s important to work together as partners (and with your doctors) to also help maintain your emotional health.

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By focusing on the underlying physical issues associated with fertility issues and concerns, as well as addressing the mental and emotional toll this situation can cause, this will help to ensure you and your partner are on the best path to overall health and success conceiving.

The tools, experience, and care provided by HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre provide a strong foundation in attaining your health goals. They welcome the opportunity to work with you!

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