Treating Anxiety and Depression: An Integrative Medicine Approach

Treating Anxiety and Depression: An Integrative Medicine Approach

Anxiety and depression take many forms-there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan. Integrative medicine provides patient-centred care to optimize your health.

There is no single approach to treating anxiety and depression.  The primary conventional treatment is through the use of pharmaceuticals - which affect the neurotransmitters in the brain. While this can prove effective for some aspects of the symptoms, there are many other components that are left untreated.

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Integrative medicine uses various therapies in addition to pharmaceuticals and counselling to supplement treatment. These therapies often address physical components such as nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, thyroid disorder, hormone imbalances, and digestive issues that can be associated with depression and anxiety.

With so many possible contributing factors, it is vital to have a proper and comprehensive assessment to determine the factors contributing to individual situation

Clinics like the HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre in Kitchener, Ontario have naturopathic doctors with the skills and understanding to create a personalized assessment & treatment plan to help you feel better overall - better energy, better sleep, better stress resilience, better focus.

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HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre uses targeted and therapeutic treatments to help anxiety and depression, including:

  • intravenous vitamin therapy
  • prescriptions for thyroid and bio-identical hormones
  • amino acids & supplemental support
  • nutritional counselling
  • acupuncture and stress management techniques.
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The tools, experience, and methods provided by HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre provide a strong foundation in attaining your health goals.  They welcome the opportunity to work with you!

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