Homeopathy & Digestive Concerns

Homeopathy & Digestive Concerns

The Gut! One of my favourite organs says Meghan Manzo, Homeopath. Why? Because it plays such a huge role in our health & how we feel.

Our gut protects us from harmful invaders, absorbs our food and distributes nutrients, removes toxins and waste, supports our immune system & plays a role in gene expression.

So many people are walking around with damaged guts that leak & are contributing to chronic inflammation. You are probably eating foods you think are " good" for you but the reality is you have a high sensitivity to them and they are contributing to the problem.

Symptoms can come in all forms including just general malaise and fatigue everyday. So how do you know if what's going in your gut is harmful...you do a food sensitivity test that shows you exactly what foods are highly triggering to your system, borderline foods that mildly cause a reaction and the " go ahead and eat it" zone.

Health and Healing Homeopathy

The Unhappy Gut

Did you know digestive disorders can be connected to our emotional state and can have a huge impact on our digestive health?

Homeopathic medicine can be very instrumental on the healing of our emotions which can be at the root of digestive concerns.

Anxiety and panic attacks may cause food getting stuck in the esophagus.

Worry and stress may lead to stomach ulcers.

IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) is a collection of symptoms including prolonged periods of recurrent abdominal pain, bloating, and constipation alternating with diarrhea. Unlike colitis or other inflammatory bowel disorders, there is no inflammation present. Some people can manage and even prevent their IBS symptoms by restrictive diets; however, emotional upsets such as anxiety, anger, and depression are known triggers.

Getting to the root of the issue, changing diet, relieving stress and anxiety are good ways toward managing digestive issues.

Getting a detailed history with a homeopath can put you on the path of feeling better and living a happier lifestyle. Contact Meghan Manzo for a consultation and start feeling better both physically and emotionally.

Health and Healing Homeopathy

Health and Healing Homeopath

A Happy Gut