Is your Body feeling the Stress of the holidays?

Is your Body feeling the Stress of the holidays?

Holiday to-do lists can be overwhelming with extra cooking, shopping, and activities to organize and attend. It can play havoc on your immune system.

Holiday Stress

Stress can be a daily occurrence with the busy lives most of us live. Over the holidays with more expectations from ourselves and family, the extra-large to-do lists, activities to organize and attend, finding that perfect gift for someone special, can all elevate our stress levels even more.

This can play havoc on our immune system and raise our level of anxiety.

The level of anxiety, stress or comfort we feel in our lives influences our immune cells. When our mind is calm and peaceful, our immune cells behave more effectively than when we are in a stressed-out state of mind. Added stress will weaken the immune system.

Signs of a weak immune system

• Ear infections

Skin infections

• inflammation

Digestive issues

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Stress this Holiday Season

Here are a few ways to protect your immune system

1. Make time to practice a meditation or relaxation technique daily, even if it only 5 minutes at a time. During meditation, your breathing slows, your blood pressure and heart rate decrease, and stress hormone levels fall.

2. Eat well -For optimal health and a strong immune system it’s all about balance. Your immune system is all protein. Without the protein, the immune system is depressed. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are important and limit your intake of processed foods, and refined carbohydrates.

3. Add in some Vitamin D - But before starting any supplement, it’s important to consult with your doctor or homeopath like Meghan Manzo, since vitamin D can raise calcium levels. Foods high in vitamin D include salmon, tuna, eggs and mushrooms.

4. Slow down on the sugar - Over the holiday season sugar reigns in most households with fancy and delicious treats everywhere, so be conscious of your intake as much as possible.

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Feeling Overwhelmed

5. Keep moving - Exercise reduces stress and you are most likely getting some with all the running around from store to store but if you are an online shopper, remember to stretch and move around more

6. Laugh more - Studies have shown that one good belly laugh improves immune function for 24 hours.

7. Get a Massage - Massage awakens immune function and feels good.

8. Enjoy the party - Whether you are hosting or attending, sometimes that loud music you love is the perfect way to de-stress. You can put it on while you clean and decorate the house, while hosting dinner, or while attending another party. You’ll find that you may start to feel the music and your blood flow will increase while you feel calmer than ever.

Meghan Manzo, nurse and classical homeopath, welcomes your call to visit and discuss how to create a plan to get you through the holiday stress with a healthy immune system in tact.

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Happy Stress Free Holiday