Be Gentle on Yourself with your Healing Expectations

Be Gentle on Yourself with your Healing Expectations

Expectations do not always equal success, rather they may set you up for disappointment and feeling bad about yourself. Be gentle with your healing process.

Be Gentle on Yourself

How accurate is this!?

When I have expectations for myself I reach my goals!

More than likely – not so accurate!

We have these expectations for ourselves of where we should be with our health, our jobs, our families and ourselves as a human. We start fresh at the beginning of the year by joining a gym and expect in three months to be fit and healthy! We start this amazing new diet and expect in a few weeks to still be excited about eating raw veggies every day or having no carbs. We do a weekend juice detox and expect our body to feel whole and healthy again! Well it may feel better but chances are there is still stuff to deal with.

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Healing Process

Reality check: it takes a lot of falling down and getting back up to become successful in these areas. If life worked this way that every expectation we had for ourselves resulted in success, the fitness and diet industry wouldn’t be a billion dollar business.

Often times when working on your healing and well being, there are factors involved you may not be aware of and things underneath the surface that require research and help from Homeopathy that works at getting to the root to uncover.

Failure is actually a good thing and it’s really all about perception. When you are working on your health and wellness change takes time, patience, and being gentile on yourself.

You could think that when you tried a new project 10 times and it didn’t work that you failed, or you could feel that trying it10 times lead you to knowing how not to do it and get it right on the 11th or 12th - success!

Walt Disney went bankrupt 7 times before he opened Disney World. Bill Gate’s became the richest man in the world, but his first attempt at starting a company was a huge flop. One of Stephen King’s most popular novels, Carrie, was rejected no fewer than 30 times before it was published.

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Be Gentle on Yourself

Without those challenges there would be no growth and no growth means stagnation. Who wants that?

Be gentle on yourself.

Meghan Manzo, Homeopath says,

"I tell my patients all the time this is a process with its ups and downs, but we will get to a place of blissful health on all realms."

If you are on a path of betterment, please give Meghan a call and  work together to feel your best and be your best - one step at a time, and as Meghan says, "If we need to step back a few before we step forward again – no expectations - we will support each other all the way to success!"

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