How to Get Cure from Herpes Virus?

How to Get Cure from Herpes Virus?

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Herpes is a very common ailment which can affect both women and men of any age. It is actually a viral disease which is categorized based on which body part is infected. For instance, oral herpes usually affects the face, lips and mouth. Genital herpes normally affects genital organs. In this article, the various Herpes Virus Solutions are explained.

Its symptoms are normally cold sores or watery fever blisters. Such blisters may be found on your skin or on slippery peels of genitalia, face, mouth, throat, eyes or lips among others. At times, such outbreaks may be mild but when they recur along with continue; this virus may become dormant and may hide in your body. After the incubation period expires, you may face reactivation and fresh outbreaks.

It is caused by 2 types of viruses namely herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2. The commonest type is the oral one and is caused by HSV-1. The genital type is caused by HSV-2. The infirmity is spreadable meaning it is spread when an infected person produces and sheds the virus or when there is direct contact with the body fluid or lesion of an infected person.

Such viruses have active and inactive cycles. When they are active an explosion occurs on affected area. This could last for two to twenty one times. There is then the diminution period after which these viruses live in sensory nerve cell bodies forever. Recurrences could occur every now and then. If they are organic they could lead to some problems like brain damage and aseptic meningitis.

Treatments include conventional antiviral drugs that interfere with viral replication, reduce severity, duration and frequency of outbreaks. They lower chances of transmission to others, diminish fever, itching and pain. These drugs are generally agreed by a medical doctor. More advanced methods are also available including psychotherapy, hypnosis, acupuncture and counseling among others.

Genital Herpes Treatment is also used to treat this disease. These are extracted from plants and are thus natural. They deal with root causes of the ailment rather than tackling symptoms only. They have ingredients which help the body to fight infections by strengthening the immune system against such viruses. Some of them have additional immune stimulator like vitamin C and zinc.