Why No Business Can Afford to Ignore Local SEO?

Why No Business Can Afford to Ignore Local SEO?

If you are serving local customers then here's 3 reason why you shouldn't ignore local SEO

SEO helps businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

It helps them rank in the top SERPs and improves their online visibility, which ultimately leads to increased sales. No wonder all types of businesses - SMBs and large scale, pay attention to implementing the best SEO strategies.

However, the ‘Near me’ business searches have grown by more than 900 percent over the past couple of years. So, dominating local SERPs has become equally crucial.

Here’s why no business can afford to ignore local SEO.

#1: The Trend of Local Searches Is Increasing

A whopping 46 percent of users are looking for local business information on Google.

Besides, 88 percent of local searches either contact or visit the store within a day.

So, as a business owner, if you haven’t invested in local SEO strategies, the chances of your venture appearing in these Google searches will be lost.

#2: Local SERPs Boost Online Rankings and Visibility

Most users trust the websites and information appearing on the first page of Google.

But to outrank the massive number of competitors and appear in the top SERPs takes effort and time. Since local searches are in trend, optimizing your website for local searches can help gain traction fast.

Thus, local SEO can boost your online rankings and visibility.

#3: Investing in Local SEO Is a Cost-Effective Way to Grow Businesses

Unlike PPC and other marketing strategies, local SEO is a cost-effective option.

Location-based applications, such as Google Maps allow users to search and find nearby business stores.

For instance, Google Maps users can hit the 'explore' option to find any business. Once hit, all the relevant and well-optimized pages appear on their screen. To stay ahead in these searches, you need to perform local SEO practices.


Local SEO practices increase the chances of prospects turning into customers. For the best local SEO tactics, we recommend checking out this infographic by Ronkot. It offers detailed insights that’ll help improve your local rankings and ROI.

local SEO checklist

local SEO checklist