McAfee is proud to steer at the front of the cloud reEnter content title here...

McAfee is proud to steer at the front of the cloud reEnter content title here...

Let the record show, 97% of enterprises in 2020 believe the cloud for a few combination of SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS solutions to power their enterprise. President an

SaaS solutions make the enterprise agile, whether via collaboration tools like Slack or Box, relationship management and marketing automatic technologies like Salesforce, or technical management from companies like ServiceNow. Agility is that the name of the sport , and therefore the enterprise that moves fastest wins the day. And with IaaS and PaaS enabled by the likes of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, the evolution of the enterprise only accelerates.

McAfee is proud to steer at the front of the cloud revolution. Our award-winning MVISION Cloud created the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) category nearly a decade ago. And we’ve only built on our successes within the cloud from there, including 14 seminal patents (3X quite our nearest competitor). The Analyst community agrees—It’s gratifying to be named a pacesetter in reports by three influential analyst firms.

We built on our leadership in 2019 when McAfee acquired NanoSec, an innovator in zero-trust application visibility and security for multi-cloud environments. But there’s more. NanoSec also provides McAfee cloud users the newest in container security. and PaaS arena. Specifically, McAfee was recognized by AWS as a Well-Architected Partner for our CASB and IPS solutions, also as a Security Competency Partner for CASB, all to supply an equivalent security controls available during a private data center.

What’s more, AWS called out McAfee as an ISV Accelerator Partner for CASB, and an Amazon RDS Partner for McAfee Database Security. Microsoft likewise recognized our CASB leadership with its integration of MVISION Cloud with MS Teams. Microsoft and McAfee also partner through Office 365 Collaboration Controls to make sure security and compliance, and our virtual Advanced Threat Defense is on the Azure Marketplace.

In November, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) announced MVISION Cloud’s integration into GCP for visibility and control of cloud resources. And McAfee is trusted by the U.S. government as a FedRAMP Moderate Authorized and FedRAMP Ready for FedRAMP High partner via our MVISION Cloud, Extended Threat Protection, Cloud Value Maturity, and user Remediation solutions. Still, as rewarding because it is to be recognized by partners like AWS, MS, GCP, and FedRAMP, our customers’ successes are the important story. WEG may be a perfect example.This unified approach to cloud helps address WEG’s three biggest cybersecurity concerns, namely secure internet access, secure cloud access, and secure property .

Pierre Pereira Rodrigues, CISO for WEG, puts it this manner , “Our business users are pushing for greater cloud adoption. instead of wearing the ‘No, you can’t’ cybersecurity hat, we attempt to mention , ‘Let’s find out how you'll .’”

The result's proof that a business are often innovative and not sacrifice security. Maka Guerrero, Senior IT Security Analyst at Pacific Dental Services says, “MVISION Cloud allows us to possess more flexibility on the fly than the other CASB on the market. The approach that McAfee is taking to secure the cloud aligns rather well with our other partners like AWS and what they're trying to realize , and it is sensible for our business goals.” A provider of administrative support to dental offices across the U.S., PDS deploys MVISION Cloud for AWS, MVISION Cloud for Box, MVISION Cloud for Custom Apps, MVISION Cloud for Office 365, MVISION Cloud for Salesforce, and MVISION Cloud for Shadow IT. McAfee is proud to face at their side whilst our adversary pushes the bounds of an equally Darwinian transformation of the threatscape. Visit@:-