Behind every woman is a man looking at other ones.

Behind every woman is a man looking at other ones.
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Behind every woman is a man looking at other ones.

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"Here," The officer who had uncomfortably cleared his throat and been eying her up pulled a card out of his pocket. Aria took it, maintaining eye contact and making sure to touch his skin as she accepted the card from his outstretched hand. Looking down, she saw a freshly printed business card with several numbers listed. "Here you can reach the station with any general questions, contact the investigation team directly, or if you have any medical questions, the hospital has opened a direct line to address any concerns about the incident."

The solemn officer tipped his hat to her and offered her his thanks, before elbowing his partner to follow him back down the driveway and to the next "victim's" house. Aria played with the business card in her hands. Maybe she should go get checked. Not that she was worried about her health or anything, Aria was the only person who actually knew exactly what happened yesterday, and that there was legitimately nothing to worry about, but it was an excuse to get her annual check-up out of the way and she could drop by and check on how her mom was doing. She had seen less and less of her these days, and Aria missed her. She pulled out her phone and called an Uber fucking movies.

The hospital was unsurprisingly busy. There was always the normal hustle and bustle, but today there were a familiar cast of local news anchors haranguing various doctors and nurses into commenting on the trending news headline of what went down at the school. Over to one side, one reporter and cameraman had lined up some "witnesses" to interview, a handful of eccentric yet charismatic weirdos. They were probably hoping to get the next viral video interview, the sort that gets a songified remix online and a series of memes.

Aria approached the check in desk. "Hey, is Carla Phillips in today?"

The man at the counter didn't glance up from his computer. Aria cleared her throat. He gave no sign that he noticed her standing there, he just kept poking at the keys on his keyboard.

She cleared her throat louder. No reaction. Just as Aria was about to speak up again, without glancing up, the man said in a flat tone, "Family medicine, second floor."

"And, um..." Aria trailed off, leaning over to try to make eye contact with him. No go. "I'm supposed to get examined-"

"That's family medicine." He kept tapping along and clicking away.

"No, uh... I'm from the school."

The man behind the counter looked up. His eyes were wide as he took her in, noting her age, realizing what it implied. "Oh, sorry. For that you're going to want to head down that hallway," he indicated said hallway, "past Allergy and Psychology. You'll see a waiting area with an information booth. Someone will be there to sign you in." When Aria turned to leave, his eyes followed her until she turned a corner and out of sight.

The waiting room was empty compared to the rest of the hospital. She supposed everyone who was particularly concerned about their health after yesterday's debacle had probably been examined yesterday. A female chubby, friendly looking nurse in scrubs handed Aria a clipboard and walked her to a seat, asking if there was anything she could do to make her feel comfortable, if she wanted some water, help filling out the paperwork, anything at all. Aria thanked her and asked if the nurse could contact her mom.

"Of course, honey, of course." The nurse hurried off to her station while Aria looked at the clipboard. Name, number, basic information, have you been out of the country in the last 3 months, all the usual parameters were there. But then the questions took a more personal turn. Are you sexually active? How long have you been sexually active? With what frequency do you take part in sexual intercourse? List the names of your sexual partners. Are you pregnant? Have you ever been pregnant and if you have, did you deliver? How many? Any terminations or miscarriages? How often do you masturbate? Do you use sex products (Toys, lubricants, other)?

Aria filled out the forms as best she could and with as few lies as possible. Aria fiddled with her pen, and doodled a little kitten on the clipboard. She clicked the pen a few times and looked around the room, wondering when the nurse would come back. She doodled a cartoonish monster to eat the kitten. Then some grass. More pen clicking. She added some flowers. Where was that nurse?

"I don't know, okay?" Someone cried from inside the examination room.

"UUrgh! Think. Anything! Anything at all!"

Curious from the commotion, Aria stood up and placed the clipboard on the chair, before sidling up to the door to the examination room. She opened the door just a crack and peered in. From her limited field of view, Aria's eyes caught the heels of a woman pacing by live nude cam.

"It doesn't matter how small it is, if you can think of anything unusual at all, it could be important. What's different in school, particularly. It doesn't have to involve you directly." Dufresne pleaded.

"I told you already, there was nothing else. I was humiliated, isn't that enough for you?" the girl on the examination table wept. "Honestly, it probably has nothing to do with the schoolgasm. There's probably something just wrong with me!"

The girl was hushed and calmed by the attending physician, a young Asian woman with serious looking glasses and her hair half tied back. "We have found nothing wrong with you. There's nothing to worry about. We've run just about every test and found nothing so far. It was probably just a fluke, maybe stress related. But you are overall a healthy young woman. No one thinks less of you because of a brief health problem."

"Are you kidding me? I fucking came in the middle of class. Loudly. Not exactly subtle."

"Honey, after everything that's happened, I can guarantee you are the last thing on any of your classmates minds." Dufresne slapped the girl reassuringly on the back. Or, Aria assumed

It was meant to be reassuringly. Honestly, the girl on the table looked mostly offended. And familiar. She looked offended and familiar. Was that Emily from Bio? Aria tried to get a look at her face.

"Again, were there any differences in your body's reactions to the spontaneous orgasm you had on Wednesday and the one on Monday?" Aria's jaw dropped. It felt like it was a lifetime ago, but she knew exactly what they were talking about. It had been the day that Aria had just discovered her powers.

Aria remembered it clearly. She recalled sliding Emily's panties down her legs and fingering her, teasing her nipples. Aria remembered how horny she got, using her powers to tease someone unaware of the pleasure they were receiving. Aria remembered plunging the fingers she had been running through Emily's most intimate areas into her own and moaning in front of a classroom that seemed to both be looking at her and ignoring her all at once. Aria felt her core throb.

Freezing time, Aria waltzed into the room. The clinical atmosphere of the place was lost on her as lust and mischief once again took control of Aria's actions. She approached the examination table, noting that the stirrups were out. Looks like she just missed the pap smear. Aria carefully lifted Emily's legs and spread them, excited to play doctor with her dolls.

She undid the laces at the neck of the patient gown and puller the top down, and pushed the skirt of the paper outfit to the side. Naughty patient. Aria grabbed a stethoscope and put it on and approached Emily's right. Aria pressed the cold little circle onto Emily's pebbled nipple, nudging the bud around before pressing it down into her breast.

"Take a deep breath." Aria leaned forward to kiss Emily and exhale into her mouth, and explore the orifice with her tongue.

"And exhale." Aria sucked the breath out of Emily, sucking her tongue into her mouth. Aria moved the end of the stethoscope to Emily's other nipple, pressing down harder, and mauled Emily's mouth again in a similar fashion. Aria pulled back and licked Emily's lips, wetting them with her sloppy kiss.

Aria went over to the doctor who held a clipboard and pen, and used the Doctor's own hand to draw a little smiley face and check mark. Aria returned to her patient to do a mammogram.

Delicately, Aria began massaging the soft tits exposed to her. "Firm." Aria noted. "Smooth." Aria's fingers travelled over the nipples. "But what's this? A lump?" Aria gently pinched the nipples, rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers. "I think I'll need to examine this closer?" Aria lowered her head down to Emily's creamy orbs and suckled. "Really dangerous to leave these lumps unchecked, Miss." Aria muttered against the girl's skin.

Aria took her time massaging and nibbling at the frozen girls plush breasts, and occasionally rubbing at her own aching ones. Then she cleared her throat, regaining her composure and professionalism. "Now if you'll please put your legs in the stirrups..." Emily's legs were already there. "My, my, aren't we eager?"

Aria stood between Emily's legs, spread obscenely wide. For a second, Aria wondered if this is what she looked like from the guys point of view when being fucked. Aria wished she had some sort of strap-on dildo to try it out from the other end. Shaking the thought from her head, she touched Emily's labia, surprised to find them wet. Aria snuck her fingers down to Emily's hole, surprised to find it looser than she anticipated. Right, pap smear. Aria rifled through the drawers around her until she found a few interesting items, lubricant and an array of speculum. Aria took the bottle of lube and squirted an excessive amount onto her hand and began massaging Emily's mound, enjoying how slick it got and how the lubricant went from cold to warm when she rubbed it on. She particularly liked covering Emily's clitoris in the ooze and then giving it a little slap, sending the liquid splashing around onto Emily's crotch and thighs.

Aria coated a speculum and inserted it into Emily and fucked her with the medical tool for a few pumps, before kneeling down and starting to open the speculum to get a peek inside and wondering what it would be like to be a gynecologist. Aria hesitated, hoping not to witness anything totally disgusting, and peeked into the opening.

Honestly, it was a little disappointing and unsexy looking into the hole. It was too medical. What was sexy, however, was on the outside of the speculum. Aria slowly moved the metal instrument in and out of the young pussy, watching how the copious amounts of lube pooled between the phallus and the cunt lips that sucked on it. Aria slid it in and out, mesmerized. In and out. The way Emily's cunt wrapped around the makeshift dildo it was hard to believe time was frozen.

"Doctor, you have to see this" Aria said, fucking the patient a little bit harder, a little bit deeper. Aria began to flick the exposed clit in time to her thrusting, hyper focused on the squelching noises coming from the bare pussy she was fucking raw.

"I need 15 cc's of Lubricane, stat!" Aria was at this point slowly rocking her hips in rhythm with her violating touches, but moved aside to put the squeeze bottle at the opening of the speculum. "She's crashing! Code red!" Aria lined up her shot. "Clear!" Aria squeezed the bottle, ejactulating a thick stream of clear lube deep inside Emily. After the first jet, Aria flicked the bottle to move the liquid down to the opening and shouted "Clear!" again, shooting another thick stream of lube into Emily's opening.

Aria put down the bottle and held her hand over the opening so that the lube stopped leaking out. She lifted Emily's rear up - and a delightful rear it was, if a bit small - letting gravity pull the liquid deep into the teen as she carefully removed the speculum. Aria lowered Emily back down onto the table, admiring her bare thighs glisten in the fluorescent light. Aria leaned in and kissed Emily's clit a fond goodbye. She lifted up the gown again but didn't bother tying it closed, lowered emily's legs back to the position they had originally been in, handed the stethoscope back to the doctor and excused herself from the room.