Smart Investing

Smart Investing

Scott McGillivray, star of HGTV's hit show "Income Property", is all about investing time, money and energy to get the best return.

McGillivray is a huge supporter of Habitat for Humanity and knows all the tricks of the trade when developing properties. He often talks about the importance of investing in Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore for our positive influence on public and community outreach.

Habitat is an Investment in your Community

Habitat for Humanity is an investment in your community.

The people around you, in your neighbourhood and in your community, are your second family. Family is all about taking care of one another. By volunteering at Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region (HabitatWR), you are helping families to build strength, stability and self-reliance.

Habitat for Humanity is investing in your community by supporting families in need. We bring the community together to build homes so families can have a safe and permanent place to live.  Focused on providing a hand up and not a hand out, HabitatWR partners with families who are willing volunteer 250 hours, per adult, of "sweat equity," and will repay a zero-down payment, interest-free mortgage.

These are (just some of) the returns of investing in HabitatWR that families will benefit:

  • 78% of families report better health, including reduced colds, flu, allergies, asthma symptoms and stress
  • 89% of families report happier family life
  • 65% of families report their children’s confidence has improved
  • 58% of families report they are better off financially

Another way Habitat for Humanity impacts the community is through the ReStore. ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used cabinetry, furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances to the public at a fraction of the retail price, up to 80% off!  Did you know that 100% of the ReStore's sales covers 100% of HabitatWR's administrative costs?  That means your donation to HabitatWR is not only effective and a smart investment, it's efficient!

The ReStore is an Investment in the Environment

The ReStore is an investment in the environment.

The ReStore and the environment go hand in hand. The ReStore encourages reusing, recycling and up-cycling. Did you know the ReStore runs on 100% donated goods from the community? This creates the recycling aspect. When goods are purchased from the ReStore or are used in the creation of something new, it engages the reusing and up-cycling approach.

Your donation is helping divert over 800 tons of material from the waste stream. That represents a line of pickup trucks 8 km long! There is an environmental component to the ReStore, and it’s an important part of what we do. Much of the material we receive from our local donors would end up in the landfill. By sending it to us, we are able to convert that waste material to cash and provide an outlet for individuals like you.

Investment in Yourself

Habitat for Humanity helps you to invest in yourself and well-being.

Helping to build a home, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity or helping in the ReStore, is a way to invest in yourself.  You will be meeting new people, learning new skills and making a positive impact on your community. Additionally, it encourages an active lifestyle and engagement within your neighbourhood.

Often times when on the build site, you get to meet the families who will be living in the homes. You will get to hear their stories first hand and realize the profound impact you are having on their lives.  Once you have completed your day at the build site, you will feel accomplished and exhilarated. Ultimately, working on the build site will make you feel good about yourself as you are helping others to have a safe place to live.

Team Builds are an Investment in Your Business

Team Build at Habitat for Humanity encourage teamwork and communication within your business.

Investing in your employees is an important part of running a successful business. This means engaging, interacting and encouraging your employees to come together as a family. An engaging way to get your employees to bond is by signing up for a Team Build through HabitatWR.  Team Builds are an exciting day of home building. They help your employees to work together as a team and leaves them with an experience they will never forget.

Team Build Days also:

  • have a positive impact on employee productivity
  • create new opportunities for your company to support the community in which you operate
  • improve your ability to attract and keep high-quality employees
  • provide new opportunities for training, professional development and career development
  • promote physical, emotional and mental health
  • create exposure for your business through social media and online promotions

Once your day at the build site is complete, everyone will leave with a sense of achievement, team spirit and increased morale.

Sign up your business for a team build today!

Thanks @ScottMcGillivray and Habitat for Humanity Canada