Adventures of One Simple Cabinet

Adventures of One Simple Cabinet

Follow this kitchen on its adventure from one homeowner to the next. Learn how our salvage services are supporting the community and saving you bucks!

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In a quiet residential neighbourhood a family stands together in their kitchen. Today is the big day. They will start their renovation project and soon they will have a brand new kitchen that they love. Together, they have poured over paint chips, picked the perfect cabinets and countertops, selected sinks and faucets, stomped on sample flooring and found a few decorative touches they simply adore. The mother, a devoted home cook and experimental baker, can’t wait to have an open, bright space where she can prepare meals while the kids sit at the table and have a snack or do their homework.

kitchen renovation reno remodel apron sink farm sink stainless steel Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region

Newly renovated kitchen

Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region

If you’ve done a renovation project before, you know the excitement and anticipation this family is feeling. But first…argh!...the agony of the “tear down”. Removing everything from the old kitchen in order to start fresh is a big, complicated and expensive job.

But not for Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region!

Did you know that our Salvage Crew will come to your house, tear down your kitchen AND give you a tax receipt for your gift? Today, you’re going to follow this kitchen cabinet from our donor’s home (thank you!), through our ReStore and back out into our community.

Come on…the Salvage Crew is on the truck ready to hit the streets!

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Salvage Crew

Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region

Carl, our Salvage Coordinator, says, “I call our Crew ‘the Termites’. It’s incredible and inspirational to watch these retired, non-stop volunteers, in their 60s and 70s, move so quickly. They are professional, efficient and so passionate. It keeps them active, healthy and they feel they’re giving back to the community. They can take down a kitchen in 45 minutes to 2 hours, and the donor homeowners don’t feel a thing.

The Crew jumps back in the truck and delivers the salvaged materials to the ReStore. ReStore volunteers and staff unload and sort the delivery. Some of it is in perfect condition. Other pieces might need some touch ups. And sometimes the donated pieces need to be taken apart for repairs. Our volunteers and staff set to work.

Ken, one of our ReStore employees, says, “Instead of a kitchen being beat up and thrown into a garbage bin, we’re diverting it from devastation—and also diverting it from the landfill! We sell 3-4 kitchens a week for customers who come into the ReStore. Our customers can never believe that someone actually hauled this out. Just last week someone said to me, ‘I mean, what are they putting in, if they pulled out this beautiful kitchen?’ And I also hear ‘man, all this kitchen needs is a bit of new hardware’…and they usually end up buying that here too!

In a not-so-quiet corner of our ReStore, a man stands in front of the kitchen cabinets. He runs his fingers along the wood, and he can picture his wife smiling and chatting with him about his day at work. While she opens the door, reaches in and grabs the salt and pepper to season the dinner, that has smelled absolutely delicious ever since he walked in the door. He smiles to himself as he pictures their daughter sitting at the kitchen counter with her storybook. Today is the big day. They will start their renovation project and soon they will have a brand new kitchen that they love.

To donate your kitchen, please fill out our easy, online donation form, here.

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