The Story of Gypsy Scents

The Story of Gypsy Scents

Hand Made Products that are natural and ethically derived.

How I got started

Gypsy Scents

My name is Kimi Bois and my business is Gypsy Scents.

Kimi Bois, Gypsy Scents

I have a lot of people ask me, how I got started making the products that I make, and why I am so focused on it being natural and ethically derived. It started simple enough.

"I love scent"

i love lots of different kinds of scent and in years past, that typically meant synthetic fragrances in a wide variety of smells, from lavender to apple pie. They could be found most often in candles, from the dollar store or box stores and eventually in a company called Scentsy. I was also very drawn to stick incenses, from craft shows and flea markets, even the dollar store carries them. They smelled wonderful, and I loved the idea of scenting the house with these wonderful smells. Unfortunately, I found most of them caused me almost immediate headaches. I thought that meant that I just wasn’t able to scent the house the way many others did, it also meant that I had to be more careful when others burned scents in the area as well, because of those headaches. And then someone suggested an essential oil.

Gypsy Scents

Essential Oils

I don’t remember the first essential oil that I used, but I do remember that it came in an expensive stick incense, and then later I found the oils. I also discovered that I could mix the essential oils and make new and awesome smells that didn’t cause me pain and scented the air quite nicely. I used an oil diffuser from the dollar store and tea light candles to enjoy the smell. I found that it didn’t make as much mess as stick incense did either, being contained in the diffuser the way it was. As it happened, I decided I wanted to try making candles, since that was my preferred choice for releasing scents into the air. I picked up some paraffin, since that’s what all the candles were made from, and bought a couple of books and went to work. There was a lot of trial and error, getting the right ratio of essential oils to the wax, so that when it burned the scent came across. There were many wonderful and at the same time disastrous things that came from that experimentation.

Gypsy Scents

Home Made Candles

Having more fun than working in a JOB

And so it went on for a couple of years, making liquid incense blends and various sizes of candles, I even used coffee cups to make pillar candles at one point, they work really well. The ingredients weren’t as cheap as I now realize they can be, but they were easily accessible and easy to work with. I also found that many of my friends were loving the unique scents that I was coming up with and were wanting to compensate me for the cost of the product I was making, so I packaged it up all pretty and sold them at cost. It was fun, more fun than the current job that I was working, incidentally in customer service.

Discovering the benefits of essential oils

I happened one day to be researching up what other essential oil smells were available and discovered that not only do they smell really nice, but they have a lot of added benefits as well. Some of them relax while other energize. Some of them boost the body’s response to infection, and others clear the air of toxins. So was born the blends for a specific use, like Sweet Memories that helps with mental clarity, and Energy, which boosts energy levels without causing the crash that energy drinks cause. And it was a lot of fun.

Tooth Powder

Gypsy Scents

Energy Scents

I discovered through all this that I really enjoy making things, and that I truly enjoy making things that help people. Healing is a big part of my life, whether through self-empowerment or through the blends that I offer. And then someone asked if I could make a deodorant.

Gypsy Scents


Many of the products that I make come from a need, whether one of my own or someone else’s, it’s from a need to have a particular product or component in their lives. And the big part is a desire for handmade and natural products. I love to research, learning new things and finding out information that I can use to help people.

My research Continues

As a result, I am always researching, researching for new products or updating the information on a product I already have. Information is such a powerful tool, and one I love to share with everyone I meet.

Gypsy Scents

Hand Made Soap

Feel free to visit my FACEBOOK PAGE for more pictures and ideas or to ask for something specific for YOU.

You can also visit my WEBSITE and see where I will be exhibiting because there is nothing better than the experience by smelling the products.

Gypsy Scents is committed to providing high quality naturally made aromatherapy blends and products for everyday use in natural bases with guaranteed satisfaction, without the use of synthetic components. We are also committed to ensuring safe use through accurate information in safe uses of essential oils and their use in clinical and home environments.

Gypsy Scents is located in London, Ontario, Canada



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