Start Paper Plate And Other Disposable Supplies Business

Start Paper Plate And Other Disposable Supplies Business

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur planning to start a paper disposable items business? Items such as paper plates, cups, glasses?

The paper plates and disposables business has always been popular and profitable too. But now there is a new found respect and demand for this business. Initially paper plates and disposables like cups, glasses were once considered as cheaper alternatives to glass, metal or ceramic plates and crockery. However, post the covid-19 pandemic led lockdown there is an increased demand for disposable paper plates and related items.

There are several reasons owing to which there is a spike in the requirement for paper plates and disposables. Firstly, owing to the lockdown and the safety concern of maintaining a social distance, most restaurants are providing delivery of food and with that they provide disposable paper plates and cutlery. Another probable reason is that covid-19 patients need to maintain a separate set of utensils when in isolation, whether at home or in hospital or care centres. At these places where there are a number of patients, maintaining separate utensils for each patient is close to impossible and that’s where disposables come in very handy. Thirdly, the lockdown forced a number of households to bid farewell to their maids and domestic help. The washing of utensils daily, several times in a day became quite a task and many opted to eat from paper plates to avoid the added task of washing all the utensils.

Apart from these covid-19 related reasons, the paper plate making business products were always sought by street food vendors and sweet marts as well as for functions such as birthday parties, weddings, baby showers etc, where there are a number of people and serving in paper plates is more convenient.

The paper plate making business is popular because paper plates have several advantages such as-

They are lightweight and easy to carry

They can be packed and transported easily

They are convenient and easy to use

They are durable

They are economical and affordable

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes too

In fact, the popularity of the paper plate making business can be judged by this statistics which says that the global sales of disposable plates and other products were close to US $12 billion, and are expected to reach up to US $20 billion within the year 2026. This revealed that the sales revenue of disposable products is increasing with a CAGR of 5.9%, thereby making it a popular as well as profitable business opportunity.

When learning how to start the paper plate making business, one needs to know of the planning required, the raw materials and paper plate making machine, the registrations necessary and the marketing technique. However entrepreneurs do not require any special qualification or education to start this business. Let’s see what is needed to start the paper plate business–

Plan The Business

Every business requires planning before starting, including the paper plate making business. Business planning helps validate the business idea and checks it’s feasibility. It also lays out in detail the steps necessary to start the business and make it operational, including mentioning the goals and objectives of the business, the requirements to start the business, the investment needed, the timeline to achieve the goals and the steps to be taken to reach the goal. As an entrepreneur business planning is an essential first step and you can always get assistance in business planning to start the paper plate making business on the right note.

Consider Location And Space Required

The paper plate making business can be started in a small area too, even at home, if the space permits to place the paper plate making machine. A 200 to 500 square feet plot is also sufficient to start the business provided that the plot or space has ample and uninterrupted supply of water and electricity which are required to make the paper plates and other disposables.

Consider Raw Materials Required

The raw materials required for the paper plate making business are few and easily available. The main requirement to make paper plates and other disposables is good quality scrap paper & PE coating. Further for the packaging of the plates, organic material bags and hessian sacks are required.

Consider Equipment Required - The equipment required for the paper plate making business are vital for the business and include –

Paper Plate making Machine

Roll Die Cutting Machine

Packaging Machine

Bag Sealing Machine

Weight Scale

The paper plate making machine automatically cuts the plates, cups, or glasses in the required shape and dimensions, the double die press machine helps mount the die and press the paper under a certain temperature for the plates to retain the shape, the packaging machine helps stack and pack the plates and other items. The machines can either be manual or automatic, as per the budget constraints of the entrepreneur. Along with this essential equipment to make the paper disposables, basic furniture is also required such as table and chairs. This is the list of equipment required for paper plate making as well as for other disposables.

Plan Marketing And Advertising

Marketing and advertising also forms an integral part of starting a paper plate making business. It involves planning a marketing strategy for the business where the plates can be supplied to wholesale and retail shop owners or can directly be supplied to caterers who provide catering for functions and to restaurant owners.