Connecting in a Safe and Trusted Space with Greg Klym Coaching

Connecting in a Safe and Trusted Space with Greg Klym Coaching

Introducing a new website, Greg offers mindfulness learning and personal development opportunities through in person group workshops and online programs.

Greg Klym Mindfulness Coaching website

`My passion and mission since starting my coaching practice in 2015 is to help the clients I work with to create greater happiness, peace and well-being in mind, body and spirit through the practice of mindfulness. We have this one precious life to live and I want to do everything in my power to help people live fully and with greater joy like those who have helped me along my path.`

Let`s learn to go inside and understand whats going on so we can grow and gain strength and courage to live life with peace, joyfulness and happiness....

My Services:

• Online mindfulness and personal development programs

• One on One Mindfulness Coaching

• Corporate mindfulness services both individual and group

• Speaking Engagements

• Community Events

Greg Klym Coaching

Greg Klym

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Greg Klym Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Instructor

Life is like a fast moving river - sometimes it`s turbulent sometimes it`s calm.....

Greg Klym Coaching

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Greg Klym Coaching