World's Smallest Hearing Aid

World's Smallest Hearing Aid

Kitchener company releases world’s smallest wireless hearing aid!

CTV News recently reported that a Kitchener company, Unitron, has created the world’s smallest hearing aid. Click here to view full article.

As a hearing centre, we always appreciate how manufacturers continue to find ways to miniaturize the technology. Unfortunately, for many, there is still a stigma associated with hearing loss which makes acceptance of the condition more challenging. Some immediately think of the big, beige and bulkier apparatuses that essentially marks them with a hearing impairment.

World's Smallest Hearing Aid

The good news is that there continues to be advancements in hearing aid technology as Unitron has demonstrated. Not only are they more visually appealing (in many cases almost invisible) but more importantly, they also work better. The device measures 20.2 mm by 6.5 mm. According to Unitron, it is 39 per cent smaller than any other hearing aid of that type they’ve developed.

As hearing aids become smaller, the challenge for clinicians such as ourselves is to help choose the most appropriate device for each patient. We must consider the patient’s ability to handle their hearing aids (e.g. change batteries, insert the hearing aid and clean the hearing aid). If the clinician does their due diligence, we believe smaller hearing aids are good for the patient.

Perhaps this good news will give those suffering with hearing loss the added confidence to get their hearing tested and be open to the possibility of wearing hearing aids.

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World's Smallest Hearing Aid

Unitron's Moxi Now hearing aid, which the company says is the smallest of its type on the market, is pictured next to two blueberries. (Unitron)

Click here to watch CTV Kitchener’s Made Right Here feature on Unitron and its hearing aids.