The Importance of Hearing Tests

The Importance of Hearing Tests

Getting your ears tested at least once every few years increases the possibility of catching hearing loss symptoms early.

Even though usually overlooked, hearing screenings should be a regular part of everyone’s health care plan. Getting your ears tested at least once every few years increases the possibility of catching hearing loss symptoms early. It focuses on preventing them as well as offering help to those who are already battling with hearing loss. Most people avoid getting hearing tests fearing they’ll immediately need hearing aids – well, you won’t.

At Grand River Hearing and Tinnitus Centre, we separate assessment from treatment.

Why Is an Assessment of Hearing Loss Crucial?

According to Calvin Staples, Audiologist, and owner of Grand, “The assessment of hearing loss is critical in not only determining whether one needs a hearing aid, but also the most effective potential treatment plan. Still, not all hearing assessments are equal and rarely does the public know if they have had the most thorough exam.  An appropriate assessment needs to address communication needs in a variety of environments to provide the best treatment plan for the individual. Moreover, the treatment of hearing loss is better today than it has ever been, and the resources are more plentiful.

Furthermore, hearing loss affects multiple areas of your life, so its better you get appropriate help before you lose hearing completely. An untreated hearing impairment cause social anxiety, limit learning potential, and even lead to early dementia. However, when hearing loss symptoms are caught and diagnosed at their early stages, you can get help and prevent multiple detrimental side effects.

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Hearing Tests

Here are just a few issues that can be prevented by a hearing loss test:

Communication Delays and Impairments – If hearing loss isn’t treated on time, these can become permanent deficits in adult life. If you notice this in your toddlers, seek help and get a hearing test immediately

Social Anxiety – Suffering hearing loss makes everyday communication difficult, which further leads to social anxiety and depression. When the person is isolated from their social settings, they are always stressed which can lead to feelings of withdrawal and isolation over time. Moreover, all of their relationships become strained, leading to further frustration and unhappiness

Dementia – Katherine Bouton, is an AARP hearing-health blogger and the author of Living Better With Hearing Loss: A Guide to Health, Happiness, Love, Sex, Work, and Hearing Aids. She observes, “Untreated hearing loss adds seven years of cognitive aging (dementia).” Studies link untreated hearing loss with the deterioration of your mental state and cognitive abilities, leading to both dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. When left untreated, the brain tissue runs the risk of increased shrinkage. Even moderate hearing loss can prompt dementia.

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At Grand River Hearing and Tinnitus Centre, we provide hearing screenings to patients of all ages. Getting your hearing assessment with us is not only a necessary and valuable experience but an educational and extensive one. With a patient-centered approach to hearing healthcare, we will help you keep your life in order.

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