Keeping it Clean: What is the Safest Way to Clean Your Ears?

Keeping it Clean: What is the Safest Way to Clean Your Ears?

Hearing Care Professional Calvin Staples has some expert advice on how to keep you and your family’s ears healthy and clean! Hint: It’s doesn’t involve Q-Tips!

When was the last time you thought about how to best clean your ears? Chances are it wasn’t while you were doing some potentially serious damage with a Q-Tip!

We spoke with Calvin Staples, Hearing Care Professional at Grand River Hearing and Tinnitus Centre, about the best ways to clean your ears!


What is the safest way to clean your ears?

My advice is to have a professional clean out your ears: Hearing Care Professionals are trained in the safest way to clean compacted wax.

Are there any methods we should avoid?

We typically frown on using Q-tips, as you could potentially cause trauma to the inner ear.

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What are the benefits to keeping our ears clean and healthy?

What’s important to remember is that wax is a normal part of a healthy ear canal. Wax is only problematic if it occludes your ear canal. We often remove wax for hearing aid users because it blocks the sound’s ability to travel through the ear canal.

What would happen if we NEVER cleaned our ears?

Potentially nothing! It really depends on the amount of wax that your body produces – each person produces wax differently, and some produce more than others. Wax is part of a healthy ear canal – it provides a coating to protect the ear and helps keep debris out of the ear canal.

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What should someone do if they are concerned about their ear health or hearing?

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