What Goes into a Hearing Test?

What Goes into a Hearing Test?

Comprehensive hearing tests are comprised of multiple smaller tests to help assess a patient’s hearing and identify any issues.

The goal of a hearing assessment is to determine what, if any, loss of audibility the patient is dealing with, how it impacts their life, and then develop a plan to treat it!

These tests are very thorough and should be performed by an experienced and qualified hearing healthcare professionals.

What Goes into a Hearing Test?


This is a visual examination of the ear, used to check the external auditory canal that connects the outer ear to the eardrum.

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This test measures how your eardrum reacts to changing air pressure, and indicates how well sounds travel to the middle ear.

Acoustic Reflex

An acoustic reflex test checks the reflexes of the middle ear muscles in response to sound.

Otoacoustic Emission

This test will check the low-level sound made by the cochlea when you hear a sound.

What Goes into a Hearing Test?

Pure Tone / Speech Audiometry

Used to check the hearing threshold of a patient, a pure tone or speech audiometry test can help determine the severity and type of hearing loss. This is a test using both sound and speech.


This test will provide an indication of how well you can pick up on what someone is saying – while there is other noise in the same area. People with hearing loss have trouble picking up details in conversations during this test.

Loudness Discomfort

This test measures the level of discomfort a patient expresses to loud noises in different frequencies. It is incredibly useful for determining the extent of hearing loss, diagnosing tinnitus, and for fitting hearing aids.

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People generally don't think about their hearing until there is an issue. At Grand River Hearing & Tinnitus Centre we recommend having your hearing checked throughout your life, but starting consistent testing at age 40 can help with early detection.

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