How Hearing Loss Affects Your Overall Health

How Hearing Loss Affects Your Overall Health

Hearing loss can affect more than just your hearing – it can affect your overall heath and quality of life.

Hearing loss is tied to almost every part of your body – not unlike your oral health. If you don’t brush or take care of your teeth, it can have devastating consequences for your overall health.

According to Health Canada, gum disease can affect the bone supporting the teeth, plaque can lead to gum infections and disease - which can lead to loss of teeth, and even increased risk of respiratory disease.

Similarly, hearing loss can lead to a plethora of physical and mental issues for those affected. The most common impacts of hearing loss is depression, anxiety, frustration, and social anxiety – both in the person experiencing the hearing loss, and their partners (1).

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The good news is that the introduction of a hearing aid can help many of these issues, as the ability to properly connect and interact with others greatly contributes to overall happiness (2).

Recent studies also show a correlation between the severity of the hearing loss and an increased risk of dementia (2). If left untreated, those with even a mild hearing loss could be twice as likely to develop dementia – so it is crucial to work with a hearing healthcare professional for checkups, routine monitoring, and potential preventative measures (2).

One of the most important issues with untreated hearing loss is a diminished awareness of your surroundings (3). Our brains are constantly filtering through sounds – if this ability is diminished, it’s not difficult to imagine finding yourself in a potentially dangerous situation without being aware of it (especially while working in industries like construction) (3).

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A diminished awareness of our surroundings also directly correlates with many everyday activities, most notably driving (3). As hearing loss can be gradual and subtle, it is important to have proactive appointments with a hearing healthcare professional to ensure you don’t find yourself, or others, in a potentially dangerous situation!

People generally don't think about their hearing until there is an issue. At Grand River Hearing & Tinnitus Centre we recommend having your hearing checked throughout your life, but starting consistent testing at age 40 can help with early detection.

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