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The Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is very common. Stats Canada reports:

• nearly 35% of all Canadians 20-79 years of age have a high-frequency hearing loss

• nearly 20% have a hearing loss that impacts the primary speech frequencies. This number jumps to 65% once over the age of 70.

• The gradual nature of hearing loss decreases self-awareness of the loss. Quite frequently, family members and friends will notice decreased hearing long before the hearing-impaired listener. The stats indicate that self-reported hearing loss is as low as 3.7%. Obviously, many sufferers of hearing loss are unaware.

The video below helps show the signs and difficulties that those with untreated hearing loss experience. Hearing is a vital sense and good hearing plays a significant role in healthy aging. If you or someone you know has a hearing loss make an appointment today! Click on the ‘Call Today’ button below and let us hear from you or you can visit us here.

Canadian Academy of Audiology