School is Hear!!!!

School is Hear!!!!

Make Hearing a Part of Your Annual School Prep Checklist

Hearing loss in children is considered one of the most common birth defects in Canada. It affects approximately 3-6 in 1000 births.

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Often toddlers will have an acquired hearing loss, which is known as a conductive hearing loss. The leading cause of a conductive hearing loss is Otitis Media (inflammation of the middle ear). Otitis Media is extremely common affecting approximately 75 percent of children by age 1. The short and horizontal nature of the Eustachian tube makes children more prone to Otitis Media and negative middle ear pressure. In the United States, 1 in 15 children will have pressure equalizing (PE) tubes by the age of 3.

Signs & symptoms of a hearing impairment in children

What are signs of hearing loss in children?

  • A lack of speech development or a regression in speech development is the most common sign.
  • The child may also have difficulty locating sounds.
  • The child may complain that their ears hurt.
  • You may find the child speaks loudly.

Children with undetected hearing struggle academically, behaviourally and socially when compared to their normal hearing or hearing aid wearing peers. Vision is routinely checked as part of a pre-school checklist, please put hearing on that list as well. A child relies on their ears all day too. To learn more please watch this video.

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