Recognizing and Diagnosing Hearing Loss

 Recognizing and Diagnosing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can impact anyone, but is most common in adults. Find out if you should be making an appointment with your hearing healthcare provider!

Hearing loss can sneak up on you - often times it is a gradual process that is only recognized after it is quite advanced. If you think you or someone you love may be suffering from hearing loss, a hearing healthcare provider can help identify the cause and develop a strategy to reverse or halt the progression. Below are some common causes of hearing loss to keep in mind.


Do either of your parents suffer from hearing loss? In some cases, hearing loss can be affected by your genes - also known as hereditary hearing loss.

Acoustic Trauma

This type of hearing loss is caused by sudden loud noises - and is quite common. This typically results in immediate and sudden deterioration in your hearing. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can have a similar effect - however in this case, the hearing loss usually develops gradually and painlessly.

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Don't stand too close to those speakers!


Playing contact sports is a great way to keep yourself healthy - but can also lead to inner-ear trauma. A physical injury to the head can cause damage to your sensitive ear structures, resulting in hearing loss.

In addition to inner-ear trauma, physical head trauma can lead to tinnitus - common with whiplash and concussions.

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Boxing is not recommended for keeping your ears safe!


Presbycusis is the term used to describe general hearing loss that occurs as you age. This condition affects hearing in both ears over time, which may make speech sound muffled or difficult to identify. Our ability to hear high pitched sounds is usually the first to go - and this condition may make differentiating between those higher pitched sounds difficult.

People generally don't think about their hearing until there is an issue. At Grand River Hearing & Tinnitus Centre we recommend having your hearing checked throughout your life, but starting consistent testing at 40 can help with early detection.

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