Considering Hearing Aids...

Considering Hearing Aids...

The steps to ensure your hearing aid purchase is successful!

Hearing loss is a sneaky condition that impacts nearly 50% of all adults over the age of 60. Many people suffering from hearing loss opt to wait several years before addressing their hearing loss with hearing aids. As an Audiologist, I have heard all the reasons why people do not proceed with hearing aids - denial, lack or awareness, and cost are some reasons, but the main reason is stigma. Hearing aids are associated with aging. Interestingly enough, untreated hearing loss appears to age our brains faster and hearing aids are believed to help the brain as it ages.

What should you consider, when you determine it is time for help with your ears? The  first and very important answer to this question is the quality of your clinician. A clinician who is educated, compassionate and patient will usually do wonders for your hearing loss. The proper hearing aid selection, followed by verification (verification is a MUST) and aural rehabilitation will lead to the best results. Research has proven that hearing aids that are properly fit and accompanied by a formal rehabilitation process lead to better success. The clinician also needs to work in an environment where they are supported and at times can think outside the box. Not all hearing losses are a simple fix and one brand or style of hearing aid does not work for all patients. Finally, another important part of the equation is making sure you have a return on your investment. If you are hearing more and listening is easier and better, and your social interactions are more enjoyable, your hearing aids are helping! As one of my patients put it "the goal of hearing aids is to de-isolate me and wow has that happened." Here is a wonderful video on the power of properly fit hearing aids: