Tinnitus Awareness Week!

Tinnitus Awareness Week!

Report - 1 in 10 Suffer from Tinnitus

It's nice to see condition of Tinnitus receiving some love this week. I would like to say, for our clinic Tinnitus receives love every week. 1 in 10 suffer from tinnitus, the number may actually be higher than 10% of all people: http://www.hear-it.org/one-ten-us-adults-suffer-tinnitus

Tinnitus is ringing in the ears and is extremely bothersome. The most common cause of tinnitus is damage to the auditory system. The damage could be hearing loss, but can also be more minor changes to the synchrony of the auditory nervous system. The science behind this is a bit difficult to follow, but in simple terms the tinnitus sufferer cannot enjoy silence because their auditory or hearing system is organized and operating in an unfavourable manner. There is no cure for tinnitus, but there are many solutions that help. One of the keys to success with managing tinnitus or any other condition, is being connected to best practice - the clinician needs to understand and use the emerging research that is available. There is help for tinnitus patients.

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