What is Blue Light Doing To Your Eyes?

What is Blue Light Doing To Your Eyes?

We are constantly staring at blue light emitting screens such as computers and cell phones. Find out how it affects the eyes and what can help.

1. What is Blue Light?

Blue light is short-wavelength visible light, adjacent to harmful UV light rays on the full light spectrum. Blue light exposure is especially evident today, as most digital screens (such as computers, tablets, and phones) emit high levels of blue light.

2. What are the negative effects of Blue Light?

With extended exposure to blue light on digital screens, you may experience symptoms including eye strain, headaches, and fatigue. Some studies also show that there may be harmful effects to the health of the eyes, similar to UV light.

3. How can we counter the negative effects?

Your eyes can be protected from the effects of blue light with specialized lenses (e.g. Prevencia) that are designed to block-out the short wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, which can help to relieve eye strain and symptoms.

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4. What can an Optometrist do to help me in this area?

A comprehensive eye exam will help to determine how you can benefit from blue light protection, especially if you spend a few hours or more on digital screens every day. An optometrist will help determine the best prescription for your eyes. Fortunately blue light protection can be added to lenses with or without a prescription.

5. What is the relationship between Computer Vision Syndrome and Blue Light?

Computer Vision Syndrome and Blue Light protection go hand-in-hand, as computer and digital screens often emit high levels of blue, short-wavelength light. If you are experiencing symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (blur, headaches, eyestrain, eye fatigue, dryness), then specialized blue-blocking lenses can help to relieve these effects.

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6. What type of lenses/eyewear are available to combat the negative effects of blue light?

Our office offers many types of lens designs for everyday wear or computer use. An office lens, such as Digitime, or anti-fatigue lens, such as Eyezen, may help you focus on the computer and near tasks. These lenses can be coupled with Prevencia, a specialized anti-reflection coating which blocks harmful blue light and protects the eyes.

Blue Light and the Effects on Your Eyes

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