How to Write a Literature Review: Top Tips

How to Write a Literature Review: Top Tips

A literature review is the account of literature that was written on a similar topic or subject during any research work on it.

Through a literature review, you can come to know about the sources of the facts and figures of the current research paper. You can also get to learn about some genuine sources of the knowledge gap on which the researcher is writing the research paper. A literature review usually contains several accounts of views on the same or similar topic. Here are some of the tips that are important in case of writing a literature review.

Decide on a Topic

Before you start writing the literature review, you need to choose your topic and search for the literature that can serve as a source of facts for your paper. Choose a topic carefully, as its rarity or complexity will determine how easy it is to find information for your paper.

Search for Specific Literature

Here you need to be very careful as you have to keep your eye on the research papers or the thesis that should be closely related to the topic you are writing on, preferably observing the subject of your research from different points of view. You can search for sources online, as well as discover some samples that can serve as examples for your writing. GrabMyEssay is a website that offers numerous paper samples for you to check out, as well as professional writing assistance.

Go Through the Articles Properly

While you are writing a literature review on a topic, you need to go through the research papers or theses properly and carefully. It will make you more knowledgeable of the topic, and you will get new ideas as well as information regarding your research topic. Take your time and don’t rush your research.

Some Key Points about Literature Review Writing

Before you start writing a literature review, you need to remember some key points.

The literature review is not at all a descriptive list of accounts on similar topics – it should contain several views on the matter, but some of them can be opposing.

A literature review is a piece of writing that follows its specific rules, which you need to follow.

A literature review should be like a guide to your writing. Your article can be based on the facts and figures of the resources you found, but not copy them – it should be authentic to you and provide some new insights on the subject.