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Since the technology advancement is evolving, every kind of business is started to expand online. Like the everyday needed product.


Since the technology advancement is evolving, every kind of business is started to expand online. Like the everyday needed product, people who love gaming are addicted to online games. Satta matka is one of the demanding games and a true satta matka player always seeks good matka gambling software.

Most people tend to earn some extra bucks apart from the daily income to live a good life and satta matka is the game where one can earn a good amount of money if they know the proper tricks. There are many websites and software of satta matka available online but only a few are the trusted ones who will provide you the right result.


The need for matka gambling software is high as there are only a few websites available that are perfect for satta matka play. As a satta matka app developer, We are famous for building a secure platform for satta lovers who can invest and play with ease. We have developed several matka gambling software and the user review for those are quite positive.

We have an in-house team full of experienced developers who can develop matka gambling software according to your need. Our software is fully customizable and one can handle the admin panel easily with our guidance.


What is satta matka?

Satta Matka is basically a betting type of lottery game that started in Mumbai, India right after the Indian independence. “Matka” is a word that comes from the earthen pot name is now used in India as the word “betting”. Ratan Khatri is the person who is credited with presenting the Matka game which further became popular all over India.

Satta Matka has a very long history attached to the previous ancient days. In a proper matka gambling software, one can win a minimum quantity of 9.5 to a maximum quantity of 1000, while the investment amount will remain very less or equal to one rupee. There are many types of satta matka available on the market but the two main Matka gambling game is that the Kalyan Matka and the Mumbai satta matka.

Our developed matka gambling software will have both of the famous and the oldest matka games which are Kalyan matka and Mumbai satta matka as these are the most genuine of all times. The timings of playing Kalyan Matka are 4:20 pm and 6:20 pm, which open and shut respectively. Mumbai matka schedules are 9:36 pm and 12:10 am, of the following day.

Types of matka Gambling Software

Satta Matka is a kind of lottery invented in India by two characters, Kalyanji Bhagat whose game ‘Kalyan Matka’ runs from Monday to Saturday, and Ratan Khatri who’s ‘Mumbai Matka’ runs from Monday to Friday.

Apart from this, there are several matka games played in the market. In our matka gambling software, there are plenty of games available which a satta lover can play through our software. Some of the popular satta games are –


You can play each of the games available in the software and also get the live result which is updated every day to know if you win or lose. Apart from this, one can get the related tips and tricks to play the game with ease.


Features of our Matka Gambling Software

Open Shift – In this shift, the winning number is announced during the closing time. Players can bet on the numbers during the time and the winners are awarded bonuses.

Close Shift – In this, the winning numbers are announced during the open and close time. If the player’s bet matches with the winning numbers then he or she will be declared as the winner for the day. In this shift, players will be able to bet on both close and open shifts.

Types of Game Available in Matka Gambling Software

Single Panna – In a Single Panna player submits a single digit and the winner announced is also based on a single digit.

Double Panna – In double Panna players can choose double-digit numbers and the winning number is also a double-digit.

Triple Panna – In this player need to choose triple digits and the winner announced is also a triple-digit.

Why Choose Us:

We are the best matka gambling software developer who provides secure and perfect satta matka software and app for your business. Our team is efficient in developing software that is easy to use for both the admin and the players. Our popular satta matka software you can explore are – gomatka, gomatkapro, gomatkaproplus.

Some of the reasons that you will seek before hiring us are:

Expert programmers

Our developers are experienced enough and aware of the different gaming algorithms. They are trained to develop any kind of matka gambling software that is compatible with any device.

Up to date with technology and trends

Our app is always up to date with the latest algorithm trends and the software is developed with the latest technology on the market.


Fully Customizable

Our matka gambling software is fully customizable. Like our gomatka is available with multiple markets with single, Jodi, double, triple Patti game modes. Our Gomatkapro is available with multiple markets and Starline modes. Both versions have a dedicated admin panel from there you can customize everything.

Our gomatkapro+ will be available with the market, Starline, and disawar. Plus you can add vendors and agents who can organize the games. You can experience the admin panel by which you can manage the looks and layout and features of your software.

Dedicated Support Team

We have a dedicated team to support customers’ inquiries anytime. We offer solutions on a 24×7 basis.

About Us:

Gowebs is the best satta matka app developer in Howrah who builds websites and software at an affordable cost. We also build result websites like dpboss. You can visit our demo website to check the features we can develop in your result website at For any kind of query you can reach us at:


Phone: +91 8585814444



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