The Three Key SEO Services Everyone Should Have

The Three Key SEO Services Everyone Should Have

You've probably tried a whole host of different ways of marketing your business; advertising, press releases, emails, leaflet drops, maybe even word of mouth campaigns. Not all of them are easy to do and some - like advertising - take time, are very expensive and often produce little return. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is something completely different though SEO services panel .

Because cost and speed of results are two of the most important factors when evaluating methods of promoting a business, SEO is in great demand as is a good SEO company. Many have developed an extensive repertoire of SEO services to suit every possible marketing aim and budget. However, while it's nice to have choice, there are really only three core SEO services that together will bring good, solid results and drive new traffic and business to your website.

Keyword Optimisation

Keywords should be an absolute cornerstone of all the Search Engine Optimisation services you may consider. Keywords are those words that you want people to associate with what you are promoting when they do a search on the internet. For example, if you sell garden timber products, you might have a page on your website for fencing panels so your keywords could be 'decorative fence panels' or 'shiplap fence panels' depending on what you sell. Or if you're having a special promotion on 'summerhouses' you might want to pick a combination of words that potential customers would be searching for so you can draw them into your site. Put the right density of keywords in the right places on each webpage as well as in the title tags and you will get higher rankings and increased traffic.

Relevant Content

A lot of people get this wrong. A quick search on the internet on almost any subject will bring back a host of sites where the keywords have resulted in a high ranking for that page but the content around it is badly written, gobbledygook or worse plagiarised from another site.

It can be difficult to write good keyword-rich content without it coming across as contrived or hard to read, but it is important that either you or the SEO company you use is able to do it because it adds to your credibility and inspires confidence. Your customers want to know that you are a knowledgeable expert in your field, which you can demonstrate with well-written webpage copy and relevant and interesting articles, blog posts or press releases. If however they go to read your content and it's clearly just 'filler material' stuffed full of keywords, they will leave disappointed and with a poor impression of your business.

An SEO copywriter can do the job for you quickly and easily, and ideally the company who does your SEO work should be able to either write some content for you or put you in contact with a good copywriter who can.

Good Design

Good keywords in the right places plus rich and relevant content won't make a bit of difference if the design of your website isn't up to scratch. Search engines have to be able to scan through your site and index the content easily, while website visitors can be put off by a poorly designed website if they find it hard to navigate around and get the information they want.

Garish colours, flash effects and clipart can all be off-putting to a visitor and give a website an unprofessional feel, while excessive flash animation can make website pages slow to load, resulting in frustration for a visitor and the search engines! Some websites can even affect people's perceptions of a company and its services and result in a loss of business.

For this reason, many good SEO companies take the trouble to offer a website design and web development service. They can give your existing website a facelift if the basic structure is good, or if necessary do a complete overhaul from start to finish.