Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

three package sizes standard typically treats cases that have a combination of crowding spacing or overbite in overjet situations in less than 30 aligner sets a

thank you for your interest in the new reveal clear aligner system reveal wasdesigned and developed to support dental professionals who are interested in a more simple and easier system to competeagainst consumer direct alternatives ina recent survey of us GPS a majority of dentists said they wanted to grow their aligner cases and needed to feel

confident that their clear aligners would accomplish the results they expected the reveal clear aligner system was developed to provide dentists with asimple system that has a range of support to assist in growing theirpractices this video gives you a brief overview of the product case selection introduces our approval portal and

describes how to submit cases you alsosee our treatment setup and learn how to communicate with our orthodontic technicians lastly you'll learn about the benefits provided by Henry Schein 1 to assist in marketing reveal to your existing and new patients let's start with the first benefit of the reveal aligner system clarity reveal aligners are engineered in a way that provides increased clarity over leading alignersas you can see reveal clear aligners provide amazing clarity for your

patients and predictable results for you the dentist and reveal ensures that the appearance of the aligners staysconsistent throughout the course oftreatment as a result reveal aligners are guaranteed not to yellow or discolor throughout the course of treatment as

you can see in this side-by-side comparison the reveal team understands the importance of chair time to your

practice and the aggravations associated with attachments as a result we developed an advanced aligner manufacturing process that eliminates the need for attachment for cases that do not require bite adjustments that means you can utilize reveal aligners

for the range of cases that make the most sense for your practice reveal aligners create a truly intimate fit to the tooth anatomy resulting in better control with no unsightly attachments and by eliminating the need for

attachments in cases that do not require bite adjustments you save chair time and improve aesthetics for your patients so why can we eliminate attachments the trim is scalloped to fit securely at the gingival margin to hug the tooth this provides more contact with the tooth to create retention more tooth contact means more retention more

retention eliminates the need for attachments and the trim line is

comfortable for the patient while providing the optimal service area for

controlled results older generation aligner products require attachments for three reasons retention accomplishing certain types of

tips and torques and extruding a tooth reveals manufacturing process overcomes the issues faced by older generation aligners the stiffness of the clear wear material provides a fit that allows for retention plus the precision fit provides the maximum contact with the tooth to allow for tipping and torquing finally you need to extrude a tooth we recommend EBT to bond attachments only if and when you choose to use them it's easy to see that reveal is the clear choice reveal aligners come in

three package sizes standard typically treats cases that have a combination of crowding spacing or overbite in overjet situations in less than 30 aligner sets and includes refinements for up to five years from the initial ship date of the case white is for mild cases was less than 20 sets and includes one refinement and Express is for very mild anterior

only or mild single arch treatment and also includes one refinement the reveal clear aligner mission is to provide your practice with the simple and clear approach to treating the kinds of patients that make the most sense for your practice the revealed clear aligner wants to simplify case identification for you the primary guide for identifying a case is associated with occlusal adjustment moving bodily or translation of a tooth is difficult with any aligner system reveal aligners are good for cases that require tooth tipping intruding rotation torquing or extruding with no attachments that means crowding spacing deep and open bite

where bite or occlusion adjustment is not required here are a few cases to show you as examples of ideal candidates to be treated with the reveal aligners this case presented has a narrow upper arch and lower crow you can see the starting position of the teeth on the left

and then in 12 months with 21 upper and 24 lower aligners you can see the result on the right of the patient that completed treatment this case presented is also a narrow upper arch in both upper and lower crowding you can see on the left the starting position of the teeth and then in 13 months with 26 upper and lower aligners the results on the right of the patients completed treatments these movements were accomplished without attachments IPR or revisions this case is an over jet with

crowding you can see on the left the starting position of the teeth and then 7 months the change was just 14 upper and lower aligners this movement was accomplished without attachments or revisions but did require some IPR IPR expectations are no different than other

aligner systems the reveal aligner system is simple and easy as it relates

to the case submission process let our technicians develop the optimal

treatment plan so you can spend your time treating patients our DDX or

digital dental exchange is designed in a way that offers dentists an efficient way to exchange and manage case files with a reveal clear aligner lab you can access the portal online on a PC or Mac

through any standard internet browser with no software to download or maintain all your case records are stored indefinitely in the portal and the

PowerSearch makes it easy to locate historical cases to submit a reveal

aligner case you only need to provide relevant information necessary for the reveal lab technicians to create your aligners avoiding a lengthy multi-step process you only need to enter the patient's information treatment goals and records and one simple prescription screen the software is designed to default to the optimized setting so you allow the reveal technicians to optimize the case for you you can focus on your patient this is not a complex treatmentsetup process that will make you define every movement leave that to reveal we have designed the k submission software with default settings that simplify the submission process and let us optimize the case for you taking good patient records is very important both intraoral and extra oral photographs of the patient are required all pictures should be recent and clearly represent the details of the patient dentition and profile individual pictures can be uploaded or collage template may be used to combine all the

pictures in a single file impressions can be provided as digital STL files