How can you add a new laptop to your McAfee premium membership?

How can you add a new laptop to your McAfee premium membership?
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In this blog, you will know about McAfee Antivirus Expired Subscription renewals.

McAfee antivirus is a well-known antivirus brand that is known around the world for its high-quality features. It protects you against all types of risks. McAfee antivirus does a thorough check of your device and network, removing all potential threats. McAfee has millions of active users that are completely delighted with its services. Once you've purchased a McAfee membership, you can rest assured that your device is safe. Renew McAfee Antivirus Expired Subscription is the way to go if you wish to utilize McAfee for a long time.

McAfee activation and renewal are two distinct processes, as you may know. If you're utilizing the 30-day trial, you've already activated your McAfee account. You won't be able to use McAfee antivirus for very long if you don't enable it.

How do I turn on McAfee Antivirus?

Always provide your current email address while creating a McAfee account. It will assist you in resetting your password and receiving other McAfee account feeds. To activate your McAfee account, follow these steps:

Activate your device

Navigate to the McAfee dashboard.

Select McAfee My Account from the drop-down menu.

To edit your subscription profile, go to Subscription and then Edit Profile.

Fill in the email address.

Select the next option.

Please enter your password.

Select the next option.

Go to Activate Now to get started.

Fill in the Product Key

Select the Activate Now option.

Your antivirus will be turned on. If you have a question like How to enter the product key in McAfee Antivirus, you may get quick answers here. You must input the key that was sent to your email address. It's a 25-digit serial key; copy it from the email and paste it into the appropriate places. It will verify that you are entering the right digit sequence.

What is the procedure for renewing my McAfee subscription?

Make sure you have the product key with you before beginning the McAfee Antivirus Expired Subscription Renew procedure. You can Renew McAfee Antivirus Expired Subscription, with Product Key once you have the subscription key. To renew your McAfee membership for free, follow the instructions below:

McAfee antivirus can be found at

Navigate to My Accounts.

Select the Sign-in option.

Enter the registered email address that you supplied when you signed up for McAfee® antivirus.

Please enter your password.

Select My Account from the drop-down menu.

Select a subscription plan.

Select McAfee Renew from the drop-down menu.

Now, to complete the renewal procedure, follow the on-screen instructions.

Fill in the billing information.

To confirm, press the confirm button.

You will notice numerous changes in your McAfee account after you renew or upgrade it, such as more capabilities. McAfee Multi-devices membership options are recommended if you want to utilize McAfee on several devices. You can rapidly safeguard your numerous gadgets with these plans. With just one membership, you can safeguard your desktop, laptop, and smartphone. McAfee provides a safe and secure environment for its users through a variety of innovative technologies.

How do I use my Product Key to renew my McAfee subscription?

Don't worry if you acquire a retail McAfee antivirus product to renew your McAfee antivirus but don't have a CD drive. Only the Product Key can be used to renew McAfee. If you have a retail antivirus renewal plan and a setup installed on your device, you can quickly renew your subscription. However, your retail strategy should be in line with the setting. If you bought a McAfee setup that doesn't match the installed plan, you won't be able to renew your plan with the key. You must uninstall the previous McAfee plan and install the new one in this situation. If you have a McAfee product that is identical, you can renew the plan with a product key.

How can I reactivate McAfee LiveSafe using my product key?

First, look in the retail box for the goods. Look for the silver card in the McAfee retail box. Take the card out and look at the product key. Along with the key, you'll see a URL. After you've obtained the product key, open your device and select the McAfee icon. On the screen, you'll see your McAfee dashboard. Go to the My Info page. An Activate button will appear. When you click the Activate button, you will be taken to the McAfee website. Put your McAfee login and password in now. Simply go to the Login page and click the Login button to begin the login process. Select Subscription to continue. When you select the Activate button, a block appears on the screen. In the block, type the product key. Check the product key on the card and carefully type it in. You must double-check the key before pressing the confirm button, since if you enter the erroneous key many times, McAfee will temporarily suspend your account. Wait until you see the confirmation screen after pressing the Confirm button. Return to your McAfee dashboard and go to the My Info tab to see if your McAfee antivirus has been renewed. McAfee will also send you a renewal confirmation email.

How do I keep my McAfee antivirus up to date on Windows 10?

If your McAfee subscription on a Windows 10 device has expired or is about to expire, you may quickly renew it by purchasing the subscription. Your setup will be renewed automatically if your McAfee plan is subject to McAfee auto-renewal. However, if your plan isn't eligible for auto-renewal, you'll have to renew it manually. Go to the My Info page on your McAfee dashboard. Go to the button that says "Renew." Your browser will now be redirected to the McAfee website. With your McAfee renewal order, you'll see a billing screen. After you've double-checked your order and all of the billing information, click the confirm button. It's possible that the billing process will take some time. After you've finished, you'll see a screen with a renewal confirmation message. Close the page and log in to your McAfee account. Check the information page to see if your McAfee license expiration date has been extended or not. If you answered yes, you have successfully Renewed McAfee Antivirus Expired Subscription.

In Windows 10, upgrading McAfee antivirus

If you want to add another McAfee antivirus package to your device, do so when the current one expires. McAfee offers a variety of plans for your Windows 10 PC, allowing you to quickly select the best option for your computer. You should use the previous McAfee plan until it expires before upgrading. If you renew your plan before it expires, the remaining days will be added to your new subscription. However, while upgrading your McAfee, this feature is not available. The remaining days will lapse if you update your plan before it expires. So, simply wait till the plan ends before upgrading.

The following are the steps to upgrade McAfee antivirus on Windows 10:

Start your Windows 10 computer.

Hover your mouse over the taskbar.

Double-click the McAfee icon to open it.

Select a Subscription

Choose the option to Buy a Subscription.

Select the Buy Now option.

On your screen, a billing page will appear.

To complete the payment, enter your billing information and follow the on-screen instructions. Wait until the McAfee upgrade confirmation notification appears on your computer screen. Now go to your registered email account and look for the McAfee email you received. When you click the URL, the new McAfee plan will begin to install. On the screen, you'll see a permission prompt; click the Allow button and then follow the on-screen instructions. On your device, your new McAfee plan will be installed. To avoid conflicts, it automatically uninstalled the existing McAfee plan from your device. If your old McAfee plan is still installed on your computer, you must uninstall it manually. Now restart your device and scan it with your new McAfee antivirus.

Using a setup CD to renew McAfee antivirus

With the retail plan, you can also renew your McAfee antivirus. Look for the key card in the McAfee antivirus retail package. The product key will be embossed on the card. Now go to the McAfee dashboard and go to the My Info section. Click the Renew button on the left side and enter the product key. When you click the Activate button, your McAfee subscription will be renewed instantly.