11 months ago

In an era of technology, no sector can be excluded from digital marketing. Starting from small businesses to large ones, digital marketing has been the one!

Statistics about digital marketing in the real estate sector

Digital marketing for real estate is not a recommendation; it’s already proven. According to statistics, around 85 percent of real estate companies prioritize social media marketing. Not just social media, email marketing, is also quite effective for real estate sectors. Statistics on this matter claim that 27% of the emails regarding real estate are opened and went through by the customers. Its click-through rate is quite impressive as well at 4 percent. In short, digital marketing for real estate sectors has an immense scope if someone handles it thoroughly.

Starting from the brokers to registered companies, digital marketing can be useful for all in the real estate arena. The numbers provided can be increased significantly upon strategically incorporating the digital marketing process. Explained below are 3 handy techniques that every real estate company should try for an effective campaign.

Develop a well-optimized website

This is like the most fundamental step, without which no digital strategy execution can’t even be imagined. First of all, a website represents authentication of the concerned company or agent. Starting from contact address, queries, to all other forms of support, modern-day customers prefer to have information about all through a website only. It means a website is like the very fundamental requirement in modern times for every real estate company.

The first thing that a real estate company should prioritize while opening a website is regarding the speed. It’s quite proven that the sites taking more than three seconds are immediately closed or opted by the users. The scenario can be even stricter for competitive arenas like real estate. It is thus essential to optimize the website well, avoiding unwanted CSS and JavaScript, to ensure greater speed.

Make sure it is responsive

When it comes about optimizing a site’s design for a real estate company, the first thing that one must ensure is its responsive characteristics. The site needs to do well on all types of devices, irrespective of its screen size. The number of inquiries regarding real estate companies and offers is way higher through smartphones, in comparison with the other larger screen devices.

Have useful contents

Content has been the most vital aspect in every digital marketing campaign, and so is for real estate sectors. Contents for real estate sectors are essential to be much more optimized due to their precise nature. It should be packed with information, statistics, analysis, and offers. Stuffing the keywords well in a strategic fashion can thus be challenging sometimes.

Link building and other aspects

Link building is a crucial digital marketing strategy for real estate sectors. A backlink from renowned sites can be very much useful. The paid strategies like PPC can be relevant for those who want to spend little more on digital marketing. However, upon addressing the fundamental things like having live chat support can also deliver much greater outcomes.