over 1 year ago

Is it your dream to become an Entrepreneur? Are you struggling where to start? Keep reading, we've got you.

THINK: Figure out your interest area. Network and connect with like-minded people and brainstorm business ideas! Remember this is your first step in reaching your dreams.

NETWORK: Get down to business and do the groundwork yourself! Attend networking events, conferences, workshops, and seminars to connect with people!

MARKET ANALYSIS: Once you have decided broadly what you want to do, analyze the market and understand what people are actually looking for!

RETAIL OR E-COMMERCE: This is one of the important steps in setting up your business. There are some products/services that can have just an online presence or a retail store or can have even both. Act smart! A wise decision would be just to set up an e-commerce store to start with (for small businesses), as more than half the world is online as we read. With the era of the Internet, all businesses are capturing the online market and how!

INVESTMENT: Take time and decide the scale of your business. Network with investors or obtain loans and make an informed decision.

MARKETING PLAN: One of the major aspect to consider, for any business! Marketing your business and creating a marketing plan is the key. Recruit a good marketing team (or do it yourself). Marketing is the easiest way to communicate with your customers, understand their requirement and convince them that you have a solution to their problem.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Establish your presence online. Utilize social media to its maximum potential. The social media platform is the closest you can get to your potential customers!

STAY RELEVANT: Once you have established your business, it is important to stay relevant to the current trend. Keep improvising and updating what you show to your audience. Create blog posts and keep your readers informed.