Raise Money for the Spring Musical without Asking for Donations

Raise Money for the Spring Musical without Asking for Donations

For thousands of families every year, winter ending means one thing.

For thousands of families every year, winter ending means one thing: it’s time to begin thinking about the school’s Spring Musical! Whether you have a little one just starting to love these, a child who’s played a part for a few years now, or a teen who’s getting ready to show off in their high school musical in hopes of earning a scholarship, the time is now to begin preparing for the new show. How exciting!

As a parent, you know how much time and energy goes into these shows. You also know how much money does too! Your child’s shows needs funds, this year and every year. The same old fundraising events just don’t cut it anymore. Car washes don’t bring in nearly as much money as you need, and standing outside of the grocery store asking for donations is unproductive. You need to earn serious money, not quarters at a time. You can’t send kids door to door with candy bars anymore, and the same families are tired and being sold the same gift wrap every year.

Do you really have a “good” option, though? Yes! Thankfully, a better fundraising option has come to town. When you learn more about hosting indoor mini golf in Greenville, SC, you wonder why you spent so many years asking Grandma to buy candy and pretzels.

In order to raise money for the best Spring Musical your school has ever had, invite everyone out for night time mini golf! You may have sold candy and washed cars in the past, but these are not your only options. Raise your needed funds by hosting an event with glow mini golf in Greenville, SC. This allows you to enjoy everything you love about mini golf- at night! An LED system makes a golf course glow, so it’s perfect for a never-been-done-before fundraising event. Instead of making a huge mess washing cars and having little money to show for it, golf at night with the glow of amazing colors to guide you! Plus, everyone in the family can participate in this activity, from the little siblings to the show participants to the parents to the grandparents.

This year, your school drama team’s fundraising doesn’t need to be boring, hot, dangerous, or unproductive. When your school hosts a fundraising event that people are actually excited about, you will bring in more money than you thought possible and hardly feel like you’re trying. You’ll be having so much fun participating in indoor mini golf in Greenville, SC, you’ll forget this used to be difficult to deal with every year!