How to Measure Purchase Decision Period With Paid AdvEnter

How to Measure Purchase Decision Period With Paid AdvEnter

Decoding the period between a customer’s first interaction with your brand and the time when the actual purchase is made has always been a challenging task

Decoding the period between a customer’s first interaction with your brand and the time when the actual purchase is made has always been a challenging task for marketers. Having the ability to predict this type of data is the key for brands to better understand their customers, set customer expectations, and forecast each ad dollar’s result.

More and more marketers are becoming capable of making the most out of the purchase decision period as the available platforms are increasingly offering remarketing and conversion tracking options.

This blog will discuss the five simple steps that will help you measure the purchase decision period effectively and build better campaigns.

Assign a Landing Page to Each Product or Service You Want to Sell

Creating and dedicating an individual landing page for every product or service you want to sell or generate leads for can be done quickly, but it requires a great deal of time. But fortunately, it’s worthwhile. When it comes to building effective landing pages (and decoding the purchase decision period), the key is to avoid overselling or cross-selling. Creating an entirely dedicated product landing page that shuns exits to other products or services will make it easier for you to track it.

Tracking Pixel

Embed a remarketing tag on your product landing page and ascertain which product or service that tag is linked to. You can either use a tag or make a rule using URLs. Also, build a unique conversion tag and insert it on the confirmation page that displays when a visitor converts to a lead or becomes a customer of that particular product/service. Precise tracking on simple landing pages lets you obtain crystal-clear insights on the purchase decision period.

Link Your Campaigns Correctly (Account Structure)

Ensure that your account structure is built accurately. Run separate campaigns for each product or service and pin down your branded and competition keywords in different campaigns. Moreover, you can also run individual campaigns based on geography to measure the purchase decision period for consumers situated in various locations.

To ensure maximum accuracy of your measurement, utilize highly targeted keywords, and use as many negative keywords as possible to avoid biased results. Precision and clarity play a crucial role in this.

Calculate the First Click and the First Conversion

Once your account structure and tagging are up and running, it’s time to measure the period from the first click to the first conversion. You must track if the clicks leading to conversions take place using just PPC or a mix of PPC and Remarketing. Using multiple channels is vital – so, create your campaigns across Search, Social, and Display platforms to ensure you know which media has the most influence on customer decisions.

Establish Your Prediction Model

Monitor each and every action, along with the timeline of each occurrence. The ultimate goal of measuring the purchase decision period is to enable you to explain to your client how much average time their customer takes to purchase a particular product and at what cost per action (CPA).

Once you and your client have this information, you will be able to predict the Ad Spend more accurately.


The steps to acquiring this crucial data are straightforward, and therefore they must be implemented as early as possible. With this simple procedure, you will be able to improve your decision-making capabilities, sway the creative process, and convert raw data into valuable insights. So go ahead and start building your campaigns by employing these steps. Not only is this really simple to do, but it will also help you reap greater rewards in the future.

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