The Ultimate List of Airport Car Service NYC Do's and Don'ts

The Ultimate List of Airport Car Service NYC Do's and Don'ts

What is not an Olympic sport but should be? The race to reach an airport Whether it's a pick up or a drop off, the mathematics it takes to calculate the time you need to reach the airport is nothing short of an Olympiad worthy win. Here is a guide that will make your airport journeys much easier and less stressful.

Not Booking in Advance

Probably the greatest mix-up most travelers make is neglecting to make an advance booking for anything. A similar rule applies for the airport limo services NYC too. You should remember that you will continuously be charged full rate at whatever point you require a standard taxi ride if you call at the last minute. Companies are known to charge full rates for such clients without offering any markdown whatsoever. It is fitting that you search for certain coupons or cash-off vouchers for car service before your travel date. You will get lower rates if you book ahead of time.

Asking a Travel Agency for Help

It never matters whether you are on a vacation or you are on a business trip. As a rule, you feel the urge to look for the help of a travel agent and finish every one of the bookings every time. Regardless of how appealing it may appear, you may end up paying higher fees than usual.Whenever an agent discusses any discounts, they should make them accessible to the clients through rebate coupons or credit card promotions. The majority of agents will make reservations for their clients and then look for commission.

Not Being Careful During Online Booking

You should be extremely cautious whenever you are booking an executive car service NYC online. Some online booking errors can be serious, and you will only get to know their seriousness after you have seen your credit card bill. There are a few rental car companies which will furnish you with a 24 hour revision period for any of their clients who have made online payment. Nonetheless, such companies are very rare to find, so you should be extremely careful while renting a car online.

Keep Your Confirmation Number in Mind

When you rent a luxury car NYC to or from the airport, print out your confirmation number, get it on paper, or have a photo of it on your phone in the event of a crisis. Having it recorded will possibly help, and it will be convenient to solve problems that might emerge.

Give your phone number to the car service.

It's important that the car service is able to call you if they need to, for example, in case they need to contact you for things like your booking or pickup area. In addition to the fact that the car service should have your number, you must also ensure that your cellphone has a full battery so that they don’t get an excuse for why you couldn’t be reached. A decent airport car service driver will always request your number, but in the event that they don't, give it to him.

Keep The Drivers In The Loop

In the event that your flight is postponed, make a point of contacting the car service you've booked to let them know. A good premium car service NYC driver will be watching out for your flight, yet it's always better to keep constant contact with regard to your travel and flight plans. Let your car service know if you need a reschedule or cancellation, especially if your flight is canceled.

Leave Extra Early For International Flights

Global flights take more time for boarding than domestic flights because you need to go through customs and security. Make sure to calculate additional time while planning your car service to get you either to or from the airport. Ensure your car service has all of your flight data to get you there with a lot of time, or on the other hand, in the event that you're reserving a car service for a pickup from the airport, ensure that you tell them precisely which terminal you'll come from. The last thing you'll need after a long flight is to be in a disappointing pickup situation and have to wait a long time for the driver.

Figure out Where to Meet Your Driver.

Most drivers will meet their passengers at the baggage carousel, holding a sign with the traveler's name on it. But if there is another pickup point where you would like to meet your driver, let them know ahead of time.

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