From Giving to Seeing

From Giving to Seeing

How Givesome Got Started.

The Inspiration

The idea that grew into Givesome was born in 2002 when I got to see first hand that there is more to giving than spending a little money and getting a tax receipt.

While teaching in Namibia I was losing sleep over the fact that I had a comfy bed while my friend Kamati was sleeping on a cement floor. I raised some money from connections back in Canada to buy a mattress and a few other basics, but I wasn't prepared for the scene this would cause.

More money came in than expected. When Kamati got what he needed and shared the rest with others, the whole community came together and a huge celebration broke out. People began dancing and singing- which they roped me into as well. They couldn't believe that people on the other side of the world would invest in them. In the end, they broke down into tears and so did I.

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Kamati and Jay, Namibia, 2002

Seeing this changed me. Seeing the impact of a few people’s generosity showed me the power we have to make a difference. It made me want to do it again and again. This eventually set me on a journey to find a way to let others see the impact of their giving.

A New way to give

Today, Givesome is a not-for-profit app that shows people the difference they make when they give. We highlight charitable projects locally and abroad, giving users the opportunity to make small donations of $2, $5, or $10. We keep 0% of that for ourselves, thanks to our corporate partners. The best part is that once a project is completed, we send a video notification to everyone who gave, letting the givers experience the joy of seeing the impact they had.

How Givesome Works

So my question to you is, what kind of good causes resonate with you? Find something you love on our app. You don't have to be a millionaire philanthropist to have an impact; you can make a real difference in people's lives with as little as $2. Why not give us a try?

Givesome is free to download for iPhone and Android. Start your giving story today and track the number of lives you've impacted. Learn more at

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