4 Of the Best Cheap Digital Cameras

4 Of the Best Cheap Digital Cameras

With the plethora of high-quality cameras accessible, it's hard to think over the top of your smartphone to be a competent photographer

With the plethora of high-quality cameras accessible, it's hard to think over the top of your smartphone to be a competent photographer but in reality there's a vast difference between many smartphones' cameras, and some of the cheaper digital cameras available. The features that are specifically designed, better quality of the sensor and even the form and experience of the camera make it an excellent investment. Here are the top four affordable digital cameras on the market.

Olympus SP-620UZ

The Olympus SP620UZ features an 16.6MP CCD Sensor that has the optical zoom of 21x. It's a bridge camera that isn't huge in size. The 110-dollar price tag indicates that it is in the price range of budget cameras. It's not equipped with the array of manual features you would think of from cameras like a DSLR as well as a bridge camera, but it's a great option for those looking for something with ultrazoom capabilities but you don't want to shell out hundreds of pounds to get it.

Nikon Coolpix S6400

The Nikon Coolpix S6400 camera is an excellent compact camera for travel priced at around 160 dollars. It comes with a wide array of functions and does everything it tries to achieve. The 16MP CMOS sensor with 12x optical zoom provides high quality images, and the 3 inch touchscreen is enjoyable to utilize. It is possible to record in high definition and there are a myriad of scenes and direct controls to ensure that you get the photo you desire every time.

Canon Ixus 230

The Canon Ixus 230 is one of the most affordable digital cameras you can get and that's not just because it's priced less than 50 dollars, although it is evident that it aids. It features a 12.1MP CMOS sensor as well as an 8 zoom lens. One of the greatest advantages that comes with Ixus Ixus is that it's extremely simple to use. It is basically a point and shoot device, and will produce stunning images without much effort. It can record video in HD 720p at the press of a button. Additionally, it comes with an impressive selection of art filters as well as other options to pick from.

Nikon Coolpix S3300

The Nikon Coolpix S3300 is among, if certainly not the most affordable compact cameras on the market. It is available at less than $30 If you are aware of where to go. It features a CCD sensor with 16MP and an optical zoom lens that is 6x. It's thin and light and also compact, making it ideal for placing in your bag or pocket in the event that you don't need it. It also features vibration reduction, as well as a variety of settings and features to make sure you get the image that you want, not just a rough representation.

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Finding the most affordable digital cameras requires selecting the one that is the best fit for your needs. If you're looking for something similar as a camera that is disposable particularly in terms of cost it's almost impossible to find anything better than the Coolpix S3300, which will meet your needs regardless of how your budget is. Both the Olympus along with the Coolpix come with greater features and better settings. The Ixus is among the easiest cameras you could think of using.