When Re-Branding Becomes Necessary.

When Re-Branding Becomes Necessary.

Re-branding is a big job that any business should try to avoid. However, it may become necessary should the brand lose relevance or acquire negative baggage over time, as with “Aunt Jemima”.

Theoretically the steps in rebranding are quite simple, but it does takes considerable thought and rigor to get it right. Many think re-branding is coming up with a new logo or name, but it's more involved, you need to rethink your brand positioning, and heritage to ensure that your new brand has credibility and matches the consumer’s new attitudes and/or needs.

It may have taken PepsiCo awhile since their announcement to drop the “Aunt Jemima” brand, yet it looks like they may have gotten it right. The new brand, “Pearl Milling Company”, ties directly into Aunt Jemima’s history, as it was the original company that launched the brand. They are also smoothly transitioning the brand, keeping the well know and associated packaging layout, color and feel as well as adding a banner referencing “Aunt Jemima”, which I can only assume will be removed once the new brand becomes established.