Rebranding is more than a logo or name change.

Rebranding is more than a logo or name change.

Over the past week, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and reading a lot of articles on Facebook's rebranding. A majority of the posts talk about the lack of originality in the logo or the confusion caused by using a name that already exists in the corporate world.

But the one article that stood out for me was the CTV news article that states that the Facebook rebrand won't hide it from crisis and that Facebook needs to go deeper into what they stand for and their values (

All this brings me back to the fact that rebranding is more than just a logo or a name change. A brand is a product (or service) name that evokes a distinct set of functional, emotional, and sensory values in potential consumers' minds. It is the core of what your brand stands for and is based on credible benefits, and to change a brand you need a deep dive into how your consumers see you, what negative attributes you need to mitigate, and what positive attributes you need to enhance. As for the logo change, it needs to be unique and recognizable, it is only part of a brands’ identity, it's the quick visual cue that reminds consumers of who you are what the brand stands for.

Perhaps Facebook (or Meta) did all this but did they take a deep look into what they mean to their user and did they address the issues they are facing, only time will tell.