The Rewarding Referral Program Of Fundraise Launchpad

The Rewarding Referral Program Of Fundraise Launchpad

Participate in the referral program of Fundraise Launchpad and ensure huge profits in the future.

The Fundraise Launchpad is going to launch its referral program very soon. This referral program will give a chance to every member to earn tokens at three different stages. With this unique program of referral, FRLP becomes a perfect project for everyone.

The referral program lets you win tokens in just one, but in three different

The Rewarding Referral Program Of Fundraise Launchpad

Refferal Program of Fundraise Launchpad

1st Level- 3%

When you buy your tokens, you receive a referral code that can be shared with another person.

When that another person will buy tokens using your code, then you will get 3% of the token amount they purchased.

2nd Level – 2%

When your direct reference shares his code with a third person then the former will get 3% and your share will be reduced to 2%.

3rd Level – 3%

Now, when the person takes the cycle forward, he will get 3%, your direct reference will get 2% and you will receive 1% of the token amount purchased.

With these three steps, the referral program will make the FRLP token far-reaching. It would make the whole campaign much more powerful and dynamic as well. The prospect of earning referral tokens three times is not just unique but also very rewarding.

It allows the investors to win and accumulate a large number of tokens with ease. At the same time, the whole process of distributing rewards gets better and more reliable. It lets the potential investors secure a large number of tokens that have a high probability of gaining more value in the future.

Also, through this project, many other entrepreneurs will become aware of a project that gives them much more than they expect. It helps them ensure some great rewards for the future too. Fundraise Launchpad has been made to give new heights to IDO.

Not only it does that perfectly, but it also brings many other prospects into the play. It helps the investors secure a large chunk of profits easily. All of this happens, without the investors going all out in their investment big and helps them become big.

Making Investments Promising For All

Through this platform, every investor gets a chance to ensure various advantages to their portfolios. At the same time, it lets you bring more certainty into the profit-making prospects. This project focuses on supporting a maximum number of supporters.

Fundraise Launchpad gives a chance to every crypto enthusiast to make a profit. Grab it now!

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