How to Care for SPS Corals

How to Care for SPS Corals

The requirements for SPS Coral are more stringent than those for other corals, but they are almost identical.

In this article, we'll go over how to take care of SPS Corals in Canada in a reef aquarium and give you some helpful tips for tackling what most hobbyists view as the pinnacle of reef keeping.

The keeping of small polyp stony corals divides reef hobbyists. Keeping them can be extremely satisfying or extremely frustrating for reefers. This is due to the fact that maintaining SPS corals in good health and with stunning colours necessitates careful attention to every aspect of coral husbandry.

The SPS bug bites and is probably never going to leave after you have felt the satisfaction of transforming a plain, fuzzy stick into a lovely, flourishing colony.

How to Care for SPS Corals

Which species you can keep

There are a few species of SPS corals among the many varieties that are recommended for those of you trying to keep SPS for the first time because they are simpler to maintain. Beginners should consider Seriotopora, Montipora, Stylophora, and Pocillopora corals. Acropora and other more delicate and challenging SPS Corals in Canada should only be kept by SPS experts who can properly care for them.

SPS corals are captivating creatures to which we are easily addicted. We continue to seek out a more challenging SPS coral because we want to challenge ourselves to keep our reefs healthy. We adore SPS corals for their distinctive growth patterns, vibrant colours, and comparatively simple fragility. SPS corals do have stricter requirements than other corals, but with the right conditions, they can live and grow without difficulty.

Adequate levels of calcium

SPS corals are hard corals (Scleractinia) that develop a calcium carbonate internal skeleton. These corals are the real reef builders because they strengthen and stabilize the reef. SPS corals need a constant level of calcium and alkalinity because they need calcium carbonate to build a skeleton. If these levels fall too far, the coral's structure may be compromised or it may even perish.

Water movement

Additionally, SPS corals require a lot of water movement. To remain healthy, the tissue and polyps require water flow in every area. SPS corals also require a lot of light. It will require anywhere between 150 and 600 umols of P.A.R., depending on the type of coral (photosynthetic active radiation).

Stop pests

To stop pests from getting into your tank and possibly killing your corals, you might be interested in quarantining your corals. In your tank, where they can infect your other corals, gorilla crabs, Montipora-eating nudibranchs, and Acropora-eating flatworms frequently land on corals.


The requirements for SPS Coral are more stringent than those for other corals, but they are almost identical. It is exciting to be rewarded with SPS Coral success in your reef because they can grow at a pleasing rate and exhibit a variety of colours under different lighting. Buy coral from Frag Garage.

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