Why do hobbyists put SPS corals on a pedestal above all other types of coral?

Why do hobbyists put SPS corals on a pedestal above all other types of coral?

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The fundamental requirements of SPS corals are actually not all that dissimilar from those of other corals; they are merely more delicate and will rapidly deteriorate if any one aspect is neglected.

A stable environment is essential for maintaining healthy SPS Corals in Canada. This frequently separates success from failure. A stable aquatic environment that supports the growth of SPS corals can be much easier to maintain and monitor when combined with automation equipment like dozers and auto top-off (ATO) systems and aquarium controllers.

Why do hobbyists put SPS corals on a pedestal above all other types of coral?

Quality of water

Water quality is important. Many SPS keepers have discovered that maintaining consistent calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium levels along with clear water with low nitrate and phosphate levels will keep your stony Corals in Canada happy and healthy.

Water must be properly filtered, which includes using a high-quality protein skimmer and following a regular maintenance schedule. The preferred method for balancing the major elements is calcium reactors. However, if taken as directed, supplements like a 2-part solution or kalkwasser are perfectly acceptable.

When keeping SPS corals, using a high-quality aquarium salt mix with stable levels of calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium is well worth the investment because it will help you prevent significant chemistry swings during water changes.

Water flow

It is crucial to the health of the coral. It aids in photosynthesis, respiration, and gas exchange, permits food capture and waste discharge by corals, and also spreads spawn to other reef regions. Strong, random water flow inside your tank is essential for maintaining SPS. You can create natural water movement just like Mother Nature herself with the aid of wavemakers and controllable pumps.

Insufficient water movement can cause slow tissue necrosis (STN), which causes the coral's flesh to slowly decompose. This is the opposite of rapid tissue necrosis (RTN), in which the coral's flesh quickly expires, frequently in a matter of hours.

Light conditions

Strong aquarium lighting is regarded as essential for the development of tiny polyp stony corals. Correctly acclimating corals to the amount of light in your tank is equally important. Corals are frequently not kept in fish stores under the same lighting conditions as those found in a reef aquarium.

For the first few weeks, it's common practice with new SPS Coral Frags to place the coral on the sand bed or on a frag rack before gradually moving it to a location with stronger lighting. Just make sure the coral has enough water movement, and if it starts to show any signs of distress, like colour loss or little polyp extension, try moving it to a different part of the tank.


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