Guidelines To Buy Coral Frags For Your Home Aquarium

Guidelines To Buy Coral Frags For Your Home Aquarium

If you have purchased a saltwater aquarium for your home, coral frags in Canada are the best way to add vibrancy and beauty to it. You might find a lot of coral frags online but choosing the right one might get confusing. However, the confusion and the time spent on the search will be worth it when you get them. This article will help you know the basics about coral frags and get started. Let’s Begin.

SPS Coral

SPS corals are the kind that needs quite a bit of care and attention. It is especially true while planting in the saltwater aquarium. Mostly the SPS corals are grown in some LFS or reefer tank. They can be sea farmed or marine farmed or extracted from wild colonies. They often take a lot of time and care to adjust. Most of these corals are stressed as collection and transport is tedious. Planting means that they would need to adjust to new levels of light and nutrition.

LPS Coral

The head of the polyp of a healthy LPS coral must look fully inflated. It must float in the water gently. When buying them, if you see visible skeletal structures, reject them. You must check the coral tissue carefully, and if it has signs of rot or melt, they are not healthy. Some LPs might have powerful tentacles, and these sting the neighbourhood coral’s flesh and sting them. These should be avoided as the stung piece might be weak and not survive.

Soft Corals

Avoid buying soft corals or coral frags which have twisted or small polyps. Healthy soft corals have fully expanded polyps, and they must look vibrant. In a healthy coral colony, Paly and Zoa Polyps should be fully expanded and must reach out.

Soft corals such as the mushrooms must look elongated, soft and wavy. You should avoid tight, skinny or retracted ones. The mushroom softies ideally overlap each other, and they cover the entire frag plug or the rock.

In the case of Xenia, Green star polyps and Clove polyps must be healthy and fully grown. Their mat base must not appear to float away or disintegrate, and these would cause the corals to die and should be avoided at all cost.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have some basic understanding of coral frags, you can go ahead and look for coral frags in Canada. Keep in mind; you must ensure that the corals stay healthy once you plant them in your saltwater aquarium. No matter what variety suits you best, they must look beautiful to boost the appearance of your saltwater aquarium. Healthy coral frags would make you feel good about being a proud owner of a saltwater aquarium in your home.

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