Is Your Salmon High on Cocaine?

Is Your Salmon High on Cocaine?

It could be contaminated with up to 81 different types of drugs.

The Journal of Environmental Pollution recently published a paper studying the salmon in the Seattle area. Researchers found “Cocaine, Advil, Prozac, Lipitor, Benadryl, and dozens of other drugs in the tissue of juvenile chinook salmon caught in the Puget Sound in September of 2014.”1

Is Your Salmon High on Cocaine?

Salmon are becoming contaminated with high quantities of pharmaceuticals. Bigstock images.

Due to ‘personal waste products’ that make their way into the water system, 81 different types of drugs were detected in the effluent in the water around the city.

Is Your Salmon High on Cocaine?

Contaminated water means contaminated fish. Bigstock Images.

”The medicine chest of common drugs also included Flonase, Aleve and Tylenol. Paxil, Valium and Zoloft. Tagamet, OxyContin and Darvon. Nicotine and caffeine. Fungicides, antiseptics and anticoagulants. And Cipro and other antibiotics galore.”1

Now, not only is the continent’s dependence on drugs reaching a breaking point, it’s also now damaging other species, and then finding their way back into our bodies again.

Is Your Salmon High on Cocaine?

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Jim Meador, an environmental toxicologist at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle and lead author, explained that “The findings are of concern because most of the chemicals detected are not monitored or regulated in wastewater, and there is little or no established science on the environmental toxicity for the vast majority of the compounds detected.”1

But What About Water Treatment Facilities?

"Treatment plants in King County, Seattle, are effective in removing some drugs in wastewater, but many drugs are recalcitrant and remain. Seizure drugs, for instance, are very hard to remove, and ibuprofen levels are knocked down — but not out — during treatment, said Betsy Cooper, permit administrator for the Seattle county's Wastewater Treatment Division."2

So What Are You Unknowingly Ingesting?

A cocktail of chemicals, drugs and toxins that find their way into our food supply. Even the ‘control’ tests that were done in supposedly pristine waters, away from the city tested positive for an “alphabet soup of chemicals”.1

Is Your Salmon High on Cocaine?

Are you unknowingly ingesting toxins? Bigstock images.

This points to the potentiality that most cities and waterways have undetected levels of drugs and chemicals in both the water and the aquatic species living therein. This is probable on both sides of the continent, in the water and marine life found in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and all of the waterways in between. We could suggest to eat organic, but we don’t live in a vacuum, and the chemicals seem to find their way in to contaminate even the cleanest of areas.

What is the Solution?

Find ways to help yourself, your family and friends to stop using pharmaceuticals. There are natural remedies for every condition that are both non-toxic, and extremely effective. We need to stop polluting our environment with more and more toxic chemicals, drugs and toxins and the best way to do that is through education. Share this information with your network, your neighbours and friends and become an advocate for clean living.

Is Your Salmon High on Cocaine?

Natural Medicine is Powerful and toxin-free. Bigstock images.

Book an appointment with me to learn more about natural medicine that does no harm to you or the planet, and actually offers immense healing and empowerment.

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