Heavy Metals in Chocolate!

Heavy Metals in Chocolate!

We know there is lead in your lipstick. Did you know it's also in your chocolate?

We know there’s lead in your lipstick. Did you know it’s also in your chocolate?

Heavy metal poisoning is one of the greatest un-recognized chronic illnesses that the majority of the population silently deals with. It can cause a medley of symptoms and health issues, such as headaches, brain fog, depression, digestive upset, allergies, neurological impairment and cancer.

Various sources of heavy metals point to pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers applied to crops at various stages of growth and harvest. Also problematic are the municipal water pipes, which are made with various forms of heavy metals, carrying them right to your tap water. These heavy metals end up bioaccumulating in our bodies, specifically in our soft tissues.

Not surprisingly, our food is contaminated, providing exposure to a host of very dangerous heavy metals. Even very low exposure is damaging, and should be carefully avoided.

As You Sow, a consumer health protection organization, commissioned an independent state certified laboratory to measure levels of lead and cadmium in 42 chocolate products available at common retailers.

These laboratory tests have confirmed that chocolate products from many well known, ‘trusted’ brands contain very high levels of lead and cadmium.

So how to avoid these unwanted heavy metals? If you’re going to eat chocolate, we recommend to minimize your frequency and quantity, and check out the results below so that you are making an informed decision as to what you choose to put into your body.

See below for the full list from www.AsYouSow.org/chocolate and additional information.

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Heavy Metals in Chocolate!

Warning Required. Image: www.asyousow.org/chocolate

Heavy Metals in Chocolate!

No Warning Required. Image: www.asyousow.org/chocolate


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