Jack Canfield's Success Principle #2

Jack Canfield's Success Principle #2

Be clear why you are here. You do have a life's purpose and there is a way to find out what it is.

All too often we live life one foot in front of the other following a journey that was never ours to begin with. We follow our parents’ wishes, or our good friends’ path or worse yet, we have no direction to follow.

We meander with no specific goal in mind. We go to school, get a job or a career, we get married and raise a family. At some point, some of us stop to wonder, what’s left? The question usually comes to mind once the kids have grown up and left home for a life of their own. You have everything you’ve ever wanted – home, car, vacations, marriage etc, yet life doesn’t feel so fulfilling.

I’ve always found it amazing when someone knows their life purpose at a young age while some of us never find it. Those that know, are very clear why they are here. They are rooted in purpose, with goals to obtaining and maintaining their ‘dream’. They don’t give up. They go after it with all their heart and soul.

Others, never look for a purpose. They’ve never developed that bigger sense of believing life has more to offer. They are happy to live day to day without any introspection and may not even believe that having a clear vision is even necessary. Philosophy about their life isn’t one of their main conversations going on in their heads.

However, some of us know we have a purpose, but spend a great part of our life searching for it. This is where Jack Canfield, Success Coach, helps out. Now as a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer, I too carry on Jack’s belief that we can be anyone or thing we want, as long as we know why we are here. When we know, our life surrounds this bigger mission. Everything we do is because of this purpose. It has value and is connected to the reason why we breathe.

Jack Canfield, success principles, #2

If you are struggling with ‘why you are here’, take the time to try a couple of life purpose exercises, or meditate. In our hearts, we know our purpose because It is surrounded by joy. Follow that joy and you will find the reason why you were put on this earth.

Lucie Fournier, Fournierhealth

Lucie Fournier is a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer.  Click on the "Talk to Me" button below and reach out to her or visit her website here.