Success Principle #1 - Take Responsibility!

Success Principle #1 - Take Responsibility!

You have the power to make anything happen. So, why haven’t you? Find out what Jack Canfield says about it.

National Bestseller, Jack Canfield, provides 63 success principles in his book, How to Get from Where you are to Where you want to Be.

His first principle, which is the foundation for the remaining 62 principles, is that we must take 100% responsibility for our life. The only person responsible for ensuring that you have a life of happiness, a career that is satisfying, successful relationships, and achieving everything else you want in life, is YOU.

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Too often many people blame others for their ‘status’ in life such as a wandering husband for your marriage break-up, a less than honorable employer for your termination, delinquent children for your exhaustion, your in-laws for the trouble in your relationship with your wife, and so on. We blame our problems on someone outside of ourselves, when in actual fact, YOU, are the common denominator in every situation or event you don’t like.

This pointing the figure at ourselves and taking responsibility for everything that happens to us, is very difficult to do. It is so much easier to blame someone else for our lot in life.

Jack says that we need to also give up all of our excuses and complaining as to why we aren’t living the life we want, why we don’t have the man of our dreams or the job we think we deserve. He further states that you need to give up your excuses, your victim stories, all the reasons why you can’t and haven’t done something you’ve always wanted. You have the power to make anything happen. So, why haven’t you?

Everything that you experience is because of the choices we have made in our life. If you don’t like where you are at, make different choices. You are either creating or allowing everything to happen, to you. Sometimes we allow things to happen to us by our inactions or unwillingness to change.

One of the ways to do achieve a different outcome is to change your response to the situation or event until you get the desired results. All too often we respond the same way over and over again and wonder why we end up exactly in the same spot, time and time again.

For instance, if you always get frustrated when your husband goes golfing with his buddies every Tuesday afternoon, try not getting frustrated. Instead, call the girlfriends over, have a special afternoon planned for yourself or better yet, take yourself out for a fun evening. When you and your husband return from your afternoon of fun with friends, you’ll both feel happier for having gone out.

You have control over 3 things in your life; the thoughts you think, the images you see, and the actions you take. If you don’t like your thoughts, or the images or the results, change your responses. It’s all up to you - no one else.

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