Lose Your Cell Phone

Lose Your Cell Phone

Cell phones make you feel ‘busy’ as there is a whole electronic world happening in your hands that you are part of, while you are missing real-time life.

Cell phones make you feel ‘busy’ as there is a whole electronic world happening in your hands that you are part of, while you are also part of real-time life. As life seems to be getting busier and busier, and the answer to “How are you?” has become “Busy”, it is important to take a time-out from our devices to just “be”.

It isn’t normal for a small electronic device to consume so much of our attention.

We are human beings, not human doings. It is not okay that you have packed your schedule so full of activities for yourself and your family that you never get a minute to unwind. This also contributes to the problem that you can’t keep track of everything and rely heavily on your cell phone to tell you where you need to be!

Lose Your Cell Phone

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We must take some time each day for relaxation, to recharge our batteries and connect with those we are closest to. Spend time in nature, go for a walk, read a book on the patio, watch the sunset or turn some music on and have an impromptu dance party. Any activity that will keep your focus on the present moment and add some real-time joy into your life is much more important than your phone!

Consider decreasing your dependency from your cell phone with these suggestions:

• Meditate when you wake up! Get caught up on your cell phone messages later.

• Turn it off!! Start with one hour a day with no cell phone usage and increase every week.

• Have a live conversation! Don’t take your cell phone to a meal.

• Bedrooms are for 2 things only – sex and sleep. Cell phones do not belong here.

• Having a job interview or talking with your boss? Shut it off!

• Tune in to your family during quality time, instead of your device.

• When you see or hear a notification, make an active choice to ignore it for a bit. Nothing needs your instant response. Immediacy has turned into dependency.

• Limit screen time for your children, as they too, can become quite dependent on their devices and the manufactured feeling of being connected.

• Sit on the grass and put your feet on Mother Earth and breathe. This is real, natural connection, not a wifi connection!

Lose Your Cell Phone

Meditate with your feet on Mother Earth and breathe. Bigstock images.

• Consciously notice how you feel liberated and calm throughout the day, without being quite so tied to your devices, and you will want to continue or increase this liberation.

Have a family meeting and discuss cell phone etiquette. Our children learn by example – make sure it’s a good one. Take a moment everyday to realize how often you reach for your cell phone and how many hours of your daily life is spent using it. What information are you checking? What are you scheduling? How many times do you check email? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter?

But more importantly, what are you missing in real-time?

When you’re spending time with loved ones, are you fully present? Or do you have one eye on your phone ready to check that notification that just came in?

It’s important to actually be present in your life and those of your loved ones. They don’t want to share your time with your cell phone.

Lose Your Cell Phone

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Jo-Anne Richardson, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Energy Medicine Practitioner

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