FOURNIER disAbility & Health Management Solutions...

FOURNIER disAbility & Health Management Solutions...

We promote a culture of wellness at work, and encourage employers to actively participate in the employee's health while enjoying a healthy ROI.

FOURNIER disAbility & Health Management Solutions specializes in strategizing alongside employers to achieve Organizational Health. We do this by promoting a culture of wellness and encouraging employers to actively participate in the employee’s health by holistically managing disability claims and providing healthy options to achieve wellness, while at work.

Founded in 1999, FOURNIER disAbility & Health provides organizations of all sizes with a fresh, unique, well-rounded approach to disability & health management challenges without the cost of full time personnel.

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We attribute our continued success to our customized approach for each client and each case. We offer customized, affordable options, amazing Return on Investment results and above-average expertise. Our average ROI for a full claims management approach averages 1:7. For every dollar we have charged, our customers have a $7.00 return.

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While we offer both In-sourcing and Outsourcing services, we advocate employers to contemplate the benefits of In-sourcing. The internal, proactive approach to training existing staff and maintaining control of all processes as a means to increasing effectiveness and reducing overall costs is becoming the preferred choice for organizations. We provide expert training for your internal personnel to achieve maximum financial returns for your organization.

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Where companies already have an existing Occupational Health Team onsite, we act as a Change Agent to assist the organization in becoming more proactive in their claims and health management approach.

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We prefer to work face-to-face with you and your company to strategically empower you to reduce health care costs and increase productivity. This will enhance your overall position in the corporate, global world of competitiveness. Although our signature approach is working onsite with you and your employees, we do offer electronic services as an option to meeting your organization’s objectives 24/7.

We not only deliver measurable results and a high ROI, but we also track and measure our clients’ ROI on their behalf, ensuring that our workplace health plans are truly working for our clients and their organization.

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FOURNIER disAbility & Health believes in the power of holistic health

Holistic health encourages a culture of wellness. It is the concept that all potential contributing factors which may affect an individual’s well being should be taken into consideration when assessing their disability claim.

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The solution to rising health care costs and employee absenteeism is obvious – employers need to be proactive, not reactive. Employers have the leadership ability to ensure the life of their organization by being involved in their employees’ health, which, in turn, directly affects their bottom line.

Addressing why an organization’s health care costs are incurring & increasing and then implementing strategies that effectively produce long-term results, is what we do best! We are here to strategize with you and provide you with customized, proven solutions for your organization.

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We take a holistic approach to disability & health and actively encourage employers to seek out both conventional and alternative approaches to Health & Wellness, Mental Health and disAbility Management by providing the necessary services at the workplace.

We work with a flexible team of experts. Each of these practitioners is able to come into your organization and work directly with your employees to develop a proven, customized plan to address your unique needs.

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The Return on Investment for Health & Wellness programs is well documented. From $2 to $ 7 on every $1 spent, we implement workplace health solutions that work. They go beyond flu campaigns and smoking cessation programs, for the health of both the employees and organization, while delivering a high Return on Investment.

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