How do I verify my existing Google Account

How do I verify my existing Google Account

If entered password is correct but Google cannot grant you access by denying the permission.Then, you need to recover the Google account to prove your identity

Expert’s steps to fix Google can’t verify my account issue.

Are you doing account login multiple times again and again from different location and somehow you don't logout and at the same time do multiple login via mobile and Tab which results in Google account blocked and worried of Google can’t verify my account follow recommended solution here

Alternate email ID or phone number

  • You can recover the account by obtaining a temporary code by using this process.
  • Visit the website of Google Account.
  • Navigate to the login section.
  • Enter the Email ID of the account.
  • Click on Forgot Password option.
  • Select Email or Phone as recovery options.
  • Receive the recovery code.
  • Enter that code in the required field to verify your identity.

Trusted Device

This is one of the most effective methods to verify the identity used in this process.

  • Visit the Google Account website.
  • Go to the login section.
  • Launch the recovery process.
  • Choose the trusted device method.
  • Get a notification on that device.
  • Tap on Yes to verify the identity.

Tips to verify the identity of Google account.

  • You can easily verify your identity of the Google account by using the following rules.
  • To verify the identity, sign in from a device you have used frequently with a Google account.
  • Be in the exact location where you generally use your Google account.
  • On making numerous failed login attempts, you should try to recover the Google account after seven or more days.
  • It would help if you used the same browser to access your Google Account.

If you are still facing the Google can`t verify my account belongs to my issue, then you can contact the customer service of Google to gain more details.